Eat the Elephant - A Perfect Circle

Was it worth the wait?

Well I will admit that I am a Tool fan, so when Maynard and co. threw this album out, I was a little disappointed, I was expecting a Tool album. But I am a convert. Eat the Elephant is definitely an album I can see myself hearing much. Not necessarily while I'm waiting for something new from Tool, but definitely as something that can entertain me, and thus look to the future in anticipation of what Maynard takes on with the Tool. This new from A Perfect Circle I'm certainly a fan of. It is so atmospheric rocket and cozy to prospects for its playback options, and sites where it can be played are endless. And thus open people's eyes to what rock and metal also can be.

Better late than never

Maynard James Keenan is a popular and busy lord. Not enough with, he is the lead singer of Circle/97">A Perfect Circle, so is he I also the lead singer and songwriter for the more rock Tool and it's totally different to the motown-inspired Puscifer. I guess you can almost call him an all-round artist, but it does at the same time, also, to fans of A Perfect Circle have had to wait the longer on a new material. Now it's here, and we should finally hear what Maynard and his cronies have spent 14 years on.

A collection of superkunstnere

A Perfect Circle, one might almost call a magnet for superkunstnere, as there have been people inside from all corners of the american musical scene. From the co-founder of the Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha, of the guitarist from Stone-Age/4720">Queens of the Stone Age, Troy Van Leeuwen to John Freese, who has been involved in all sorts of projects, since he played drums for Guns N' Roses. All the experience and expertise gives a if the (expectation-)pressure, when it should be thrown new on the street.

The album Eat the Elephant has been through a creative process that started already in 2008, but due to creative disagreements between Maynard and Howerdel and commitments in other projects, it all ended a bit in hibernation until 2017. Here come producer Dave Sardy into the picture, and the album was quickly on the mend again, and ended up with to be released in 2018.

The music is a clear and king frederik ix conducts the development from their previous works. There has been a lot more development on this their fourth album. The most vehement original fans may think, to Eat the Elephant is too slow, and not rocket enough. But I think that the development the band has taken, where they incorporate more electronic and classic aspects makes the album tremendously interesting and exciting. At the same time is Maynards voice is phenomenal to listen to, and it is difficult to get rid of his cuddly for words in his writings, where he throws himself in topics on everything from social, religious and political issues, where he particularly talks about the lack of responsibility we as humans take for our own surroundings.

They've got Dave Sardy check over as producer, can only be seen as a big scoop. The man has abilities beyond the ordinary, and manages to coax things out of people, which is rarely seen. It can easily feel on this album. There is a clear lifting and development from the first three albums, and to Eat the Elephant. Overall is the album sublimely, and has a level that is higher than what you usually see on albums that have been so long in the making. However, I am missing it here number, which could be a hit and end up being skamspillet on teenageværelser around the world.

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