Ecstasy - Kissin' Dynamite

Up among the best

Glam/stadionrocken is considered probably not as relevant of the particular many music lovers here in 2018, compared with 30 years ago, and when you hear Kissin' Dynamite do you get when also of and to an urge to turn and hear some of the bands that actually existed in the early 80's. Not because it is bad, far from it, but because the original just can be something else. Just like when your friends offers on rose with gravy and potatoes – it is well known and tastes flawlessly, but it is just better, when it is grandma's good old version.

The accomplished German reinvents not the deep dish, nor are they to renew it or upgrade it in any ways, but play the damn! They master the sound, the writing and the technical, and within the genre they are certainly one of the better names, this reviewer has heard for a very long time.

Stadionrock anno 2018 is not so crazy

It's alive!

Do you hear, dear reader, among those who think the 80's the grandiose stadionrock is dead? Are you thinking that puddelhundehår, pink guitars and lyrical cliches on fire, motorbikes and naked ladies is something that only Steel Panther with their thick ironic distance still practice? So take you're horribly mistaken.

In Germany there is Kissin' Dynamite, with solid roots in the legacy of the Scorpions, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe to play stadionrock of the finest kind. Corny and out-dated? Possibly, but regardless of what you think about the genre, mastered the quintet into something near perfection.

Nicely done on all parameters

Six albums in eight years is an impressive feat, but it is, nevertheless, what Kissin' Dynamite has done since their debut from 2010. The sixth album, Ecstasy, is just been released, and it offers magnificent hard rock, that moves as if the'80s is not yet over.

"I've Got The Fire" is the album's opening, and from the first second it is clear that this will not be a boring game. The first is the sound the hunchback and excellent produced. Secondly, you can clearly hear on the band, it consists of some individuals that is very much their stuff on their respective instruments. And thirdly, they manage to put their technical skills to the catchy old school hard rock bursting with great hooks, cool riffs and plenty sing-a-long in the whoaaa-ooh-ooh category. Far along the way, it is rather cheesy and even direct tåkrummende, but such is the genre; they are not in a position to buy the premise, you have to stick far away.

In addition to the above, the opening number, "Ecstasy," and especially "Wild Wind" deserving intersections, but it is now mostly the record as a whole and the mood (read: hunger for to sit on the Sunset Strip and drink bajere with Poison and Guns'n'Roses anno 1986) one is left with, which is the big force. And so to enjoy just the lead singer Hannes braun's voice – if Jon Bon Jovis and Myles Kennedy's missing lovechild is running around somewhere out there, I would bet my leopardplettede tights on, that he is the lead singer of Kissin' Dynamite.

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