Electric Messiah - High On Fire

Rock and roll

High On Fire sounds, as when I heard them for the first time six years ago, so I got what I expected. But for connoisseurs is good enough, I could not say. To be able to see the difference between bias and expectation can be difficult. To obtain confirmation of a clue is not exclusively negative. Is Electric Messiah is a good slab or a bad plate? Everything is relative. Some prefer their stoner-metal bøllet, while some prefer the more rocky. In my humble optics, there are many other more interesting opportunities to put his fuzz-craving than right here, but whether you are one or the other, you can't get around the fact that Matt Pike gives the whole arm, at a release, is enough to fire up during the party.

Waking abruptly

Just because you like to play heavy, it does not mean that one is not also can play fast. Just look at Matt Pike, who, in addition to High On Fire, also is responsible for Sleep. Sleep is, roughly speaking, just a slower and more freaky version of High On Fire, which is the band where the frontman gets his love for Motörhead awakened to live. However, it can be difficult to see the point in konceptetet, if one does not completely share the enthusiasm. But even though they at no time put the hide on, that they in the highest degree have allowed themselves to impress the old boys from London, it's more than just a tribute band.


In the smoke and steam

The record leans heavily up thrashen, and it all exudes an aggressive whiskeybrandert with corresponding calls to the fist fight. "The Steps Of The Ziggurat", as they played the UG in the pump casing, drags himself away with a haunted Matt Pike in the lead against a crescendo of thundering drums and power riffs. The whole album sums and scrapes as a sweater of the steel wool in an electrical storm, and I remember why they burned themselves into my memory in the first place six years ago. When they are strongest, they are able to get me to sit still, keep your mouth shut and just listen, while the unobstructed leaning heavy honey in my ears. Distortion is good, but more distortion is much better.

But with 20 years of experience there may well be threshing langhalm on the well-known. Monotony creeps in and with it, also the realization of why it never was more between High On Fire and me. I'm just not so crazy with the midriff and whiskeyånde, as Matt is, and especially the title track "Electric Messiah" is just Motörhead on MORE speed. Leather vest, heavy smoke and something for the nose is arguably an excellent recipe for an evening in the city, but it is not something you bother every single weekend. Therefore, I come only to hear the Electric Messiah , in small chunks, since the leather vest and the second flour, long since shelved, to the advantage of a knitted vest, heavy smoke and a small nap on the couch.


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