Elements - Atheist

Close to a Dream Theater copy, but successful

The experimental band Speaking Two Stones started in 2004, in New York. They have since released two albums: The selvtitlede album Speaking Two Stones in 2006 and the new Elements in 2012. Speaking of the Two Stones is known for their experimental style, which at the same time with a fine and beautiful shade, which also lies with bands like Beyond The Bridge, and Dream Theater. The album Elements go extremely over in Dream Theater's style, with long songs, long guitar solos, and quiet interaction. The shortest of the five songs on the album "Four" is 9.08 minutes far. But just because the songs are so long it makes it not boring, or maybe not so much. The songs are packed with newer and cooler pieces, but in the end it may well be a tad too much and you think: come on. The songs have a certain euphoric elements, as the song "Water". Epic, happy, beautiful and successful. Speaking of the Two Stones has a true sense to control their music and try to renew and improve it, while at the same time they provide the a if mystery, like from the which is on the Iron Maiden album "Dance Of Death". In the song "Earth"you can especially hear that they are pretty inspired by Dream Theater. With spruce rhythms, a distinctive guitar, and the easier clean vocals, their music over in the epik and bliss. Although Speaking of Two Stones consists only of three members (Dave, Tony and Richard), decreases it is not their spillekvalitet. They have managed to get a lot of fill on the album and carried it out to the full. They have tried to generate their own style, but one hears a little too much, as you have heard from others and sometimes is the one guitar solo, almost the same as the other. However, it is a successful album, but Elements seems a little like a cliché and something we've heard before.

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