Empath - God Module

A muse in the basement is better than...

"Singularity" must, however, just as the rest of the album cannot be described but must be consulted, and it with full attention. The production on the Empath is perfect, and the musical level is, quite as expected, tårnhøjt. It is an album that works as a conscious summing up of everything Devin Townsend has done in the course of his ever-changing and impressive career. But nevertheless, it is as if he places overstretching ourselves. It sounds as if it has managed to block all of the nine Greek muses inside his basement and then having to draw on their divine inspiration. But maybe had just one muse been good enough?


Frank Zappa on steroids

Metalheads are often accused of being conservative and genre-purist. But if it really is true, then it is difficult to understand how the musical chameleon Devin Townsend has achieved so much popularity, as is the case since the start with Strapping Young lad back in 1995. He is productive and creative as a few, and has thus probably always been positioned as metalverdenens answer to Frank Zappa. A little depending on what you count, he releases now his studio album number 25, Empath.

Fasten your seat belt

Do you have a strained relationship with musicals and Disney soundtracks of the more would kind of, so there will be a part of a passenger on the Empath, which will enable your inclusion in the sample. But if you have an open mind and are prepared for the total genre-mixing, so the waiting is, as always, with Devin Townsend's big experiences.

Already åbningsnummeret "Castaway" manages to get the David Gilmour-guitar, drums, japanese shamisen, slide guitar and a Disney christmas show-choir for both to hang together and make sense. And that was just the first minute. "Genesis" continues the big-Townsend-palette: metal-riffs, blastbeats, electronica, exotic rhythms, kæmpekor and constant shifts. Impressive start. The first two numbers thus acts as a warning: fasten your seatbelts for this album throws EVERYTHING, what Devin has to offer in the minds of the listener.

The single "Evermore" features almost operetta-like atmosphere spiced with manic rhythms and strange instrumentation, but manages still to sound like a hit. I have listened to the song at least 15 times and the old man still do not know how the man does it, but one must just bow in the dust and see that it works. One of the many other highlights is the 11 minutes long "the Borderlands", which is built around one central and absolutely fantastic riff that recurs in several different contexts. Continuing until further notice, the longest number is, of course, clearly it is at least changeable but at the same time, really extensive.

Empath is, however, not a rose without thorns. "Why" is an excitable place cabaret-fun, how Devin expresses his inner Stig Rossen. But just because you can do something – and make no mistake, he has the voice for it – it's not safe, it is a good idea to do it. It is 23 minutes long afslutningsnummer, "Singularity", starts beautifully with the reuse of the melody from the opener "Castaway", and is a number that constantly evolves almost without repetition. Unfortunately it's too long-winded and, even for Devin Townsend, just a tad too strange.

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