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Emptiness Fills The Void - Stortregn

The Void Remains Unfilled

Stortregn is not a bad band. Emptiness Fills the Void is not a bad washer. The five guys are not bad musicians. But! There must be something more to them, so is the soul, personality, or zazz, or all three, I will not make me wise on. But the music is not ready to stand on its own feet, and then, when they actually try with some more "creative" input, the f.ex. the jazzy and instrumental track, "The Chasm of Eternity", so it falls to the ground, like a child that needs to learn to run on his two-wheel bike. There is a lot of potential, so it is just to keep writing and practicing and writing and practicing. In the long term there must come something good out of Stortregn, I am sure.

Hey, was it not...?

Swiss Stortregn is for the fourth time ready to tell us how they believe that melo-death/black sound and be interpreted. Already from the first second, it is clear to everyone that they are very inspired by both Sweden and Norway. Even their name is the Swedish word for downpour – something of which we danes know only too well. We tend, however, to call it summer. The inspirations are clear, you can hear both Amon Amarth, at the Gates, Children of Bodom, Enslaved, Bathory, etc. The list is longer than a bad year, and does not change the fact that even though there is a long way from Gothenburg and Trondheim to Geneva, then Switzerland certainly sounds like it was a province in Sweden.

Torrential rain? Closer to a mild flurry

To Stortregn sounds as much as all his sources of inspiration, however, is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is absolutely excellent, if you are the craze with the genre, and just want to consume the music without issues. But the flip side of the coin comes in the form of the question: why should one choose to hear Stortregn, when there are so many other bands, as they are "just" copying and blends together into a dirty smoothie? What can Stortregn, as their heroes can't? I must be you answer guilty. The music is in no way bad, quite the contrary. It is well-produced, velindspillet, melodious and at times grandiose. But is it enough? I don't think so. I can't put a finger on the music, besides that they, as a band, feels redundant. All that they can, there are many other bands that can also, and probably even better. They lack identity, they lack the one percent in their sound, which makes you would think, "Well well, so IT is Stortregn!". Their name is appropriate, for in the same way, as it is impossible to distinguish the gray rainy days from each other, in the same way it is impossible to find something that does, that they differ from the huge amount of death and black bands that are out there. However, there is a wonderful irony in that the most exciting track on the disc is the song "Nonexistence".

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