End Of Days - Discharge

Discharges seventh album sounds like their first

Hardcore, exactly as it should sound

British Discharge is without doubt one of the most influential bands in the hardcore/punk environment, and they have since their start back in 1977, spread their crude and charismatic sound. They can not only be described as experienced gentlemen, no but as true legends and fanebærere in hardcore. They have been the inspiration for some of the biggest bands of the day and with so many years old, so could a resolution of the band have easily been a reality, but the existing members have instead chosen to give us yet another album, in the form of the End Of Days. It contains everything you would expect from a hardcore album and it is the intensity and nostalgia from start to finish.

Anarchic chaos and hatred

The disc contains 15 songs, one must not be fooled by, for each of the songs have a playing time of 2 minutes in average – that's how it is with hardcore/punk. Intense crush right in your face at you and then quickly move on to the next song. The only number that gets sneaked over three minutes, is åbningsnummeret ""New World Order". It is a fast and aggressive number, which never drops in pace, but just run out of a devastating pace, with the well-known and solid drum beat.

Guitar and vocals on this record are as you would expect, and hope, namely, violent and aggressive. It is just as it should be and you are not in doubt of why the genre in his time got the name hardcore. It is another talk today, where one hears the bands that assume the hardcore segment, but as the degree has a lot to learn in relation to the genre. It has Discharge not. They own the genre, and it proves among other things, they with tracks like "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" and "Raped and Pillaged". It is a parade of brutal outbursts, which never compromise with speed and ferocity. You are in no way in doubt, that the Discharge has been a great source of inspiration to some of the other great bands as Madball, Hatebreed and even Metallica.

The premises and the technology has changed very much since this bands origins, and if you of the reason, expect a clean and silky-smooth production, then you have not understood the essence of hardcore, for the alive and kicking on this plate. The sound is dirty and raw, as was all tracks on the disc recorded live in one take. This is how it should sound and that you will have to put up with, if you will take the hardcore on the right way. But despite the rough recording, so it is still mixed, with reservations, as do the vocals clearly audible. It is difficult to designate individual songs on this album, which should be better than the other, since the whole album is so successful, but in addition to the aforementioned, then "End Of Days" and "Meet Your Maker" mandatory, if you had to start somewhere. But if you are a fan of the genre, so is it indisputable not to enjoy this album, from start to finish.

Impressive 40 years in show of strength

In spite of the changes through the decades, as home Discharge date, three of the original five members and it is absolutely mind-boggling that they can still preserve the wildness, here nearly 40 years after. The lead singer Tezz convinces a that he is the man you need to go outside on a dark night, with its brilliant vocals. All the current hatred around the world, provides much fertile ground for a band like Discharge and conveys it superbly on their seventh album, which I reward with 9 cheeky skulls.

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