End of All Hope - Axenstar

No, just no

Powerage, Axenstar – call yourselves what you will, the result is the same. Namely møgkedelig and generic powermetal, as no one is going to remember, and it is mainly due to Magnus and his annoying vocals. Outside the band would, perhaps, well able to cope as a form of Iced Earth Light, for they have individual passages, which are more thrash than power. But regardless of the reason, so that is The End of All Hope really not worth much. It is in truth a hopeless affair, and I'm pretty sure that this album would simply be another part of the huge pile of powermetal-clichés.


Ah, Sweden and powermetal – probably the best combination since the shrimp salad and hot dogs! No matter the genre, then it seems naturstridigt for our dear svenskebrødre not big gestures and Melodi Grand Prix-elements. It västeråsiske band has existed since 2001, when they were called Powerage. It switched the dog to Axenstar in 2002, and has since produced relatively formularisk powermetal. Despite that they soon can celebrate a 20th anniversary, so are their musical journey not many flags in the cake worth it.

Hopeless affair

I will not be able to say why they chose to change the name from Powerage to Axenstar, immediately so fit Powerage much better for the band. It is a dull name that contains their own genrebeskrivelse – it is a little, to a røvsyg samlebåndskrimiforfatter published the book "Crime fiction crime fiction". Axenstar sounds, in turn, far more mysterious and magnificent, but unfortunately it is purely a smoke screen. The music is not bad, and it is also well-produced, but it is really standardized and therefore møgkedelig powermetal. There is nothing new under the sun, neither in relation to the genre or their previous releases – it is so much the case, that you sit and think about whether or not the album title The End of All Hope is a reference to the band itself. If you wagered on something new or cutting-edge, yes, so you sit back with a nose so long, that even Pinocchio derides a!

And dear reader, if you are now thinking, "Nøh, he may indeed not like the power-mædl!", so you take the actual errors! I actually love powermetal, I lost even my metal virginity to a powermetalband! But powermetal is a crazy, crazy genre filled with tåkrummende poetry, absurd themes and idiot-savante musicians. There are so many clichés about powermetal, and unfortunately, there are also a lot of bands that on a daily basis confirms these clichés. Therefore, you have to really tighten the buttocks, if you want to make proper power or you have to arm themselves with huge quantities of self-deprecation. Axenstar has neither the humor or talent enough to justify their lack of humor – unfortunately. Most of the album falls into the "okay"label, with a few exceptions such as the track "A Moment in Time", which is so pivringe, that it should be a punishable offense! The intro on the track is like a fragment from a song that was not allowed to come up with a forgotten Melody Grand Prix held on a car park in the republic of Moldova – in the rain!

And then we have to also just to mention release Magnus Winterwild, for his contribution may be, it makes that Axenstar is as røvsygt. In addition to being deeply anonymous, then it seems that there is placed one or another form of effect on his vocals, so it sounds a bit as if he stands in a kind of soundproofed cellar, while the rest of the band is upstairs. Which is both good and bad, for his vocals are really not impressive (I'm actually in doubt whether he can sing or not). The rest of the band is actually playing very well, so maybe it was an attempt to drown him in the mix?

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