Endinghent - Altarage

The perfect album...

...is Endinghent close to be. I am completely in love with the expression, and the fact that they have just taken the step from the formidable NIHL and made their music even more dark, is a – in my ears – the monumental feat. Everything about this disc is close to perfect, then you have a begsort soul, and find pleasure in the dark, nightmarish soundscapes, you must not let the chance of this game of sonic satisfactory torture go on your ears over! This year's first tital is hereby given of the candle to the dying glow.

Dark, darker, Altarage

Eventually, I had fat in Spanish Altarage, I ended up with to give a nine for their debutskive, NIHL. The band is now moved from Iron Bonehead over at the larger Season of Mist, which has got the eyes up for Bilbao-the band's qualities. This change then meant that the Altarage have been "nicer"? There is the answer a big, resounding no! Altarage is, if possible, sunk even deeper into their very own darker than dark universe. The disc starts ultratungt with the track "Incessant Magma" – a number that is so droning that you sense the darkness creeping up around him. It is dead, sad and yet violently brutal. The next track, "Spearheaderon", is, in turn, an onslaught of brutality from the beginning until the 2:26 inside the number, which starts a riff, which runs the rest of the number. The riff must be 2017's cruelest...!

Condensed and settlements...

...are the words I think best describe the Endinghent, for it is precisely what the plate is. Here released not a single flash of light in the course of 37 minutes, the disc spans. Working with an exceptionally well-crafted mix of ultrabrutalitet, ultratunge and evocative riffs and moods, a certain bias and a vocal that just is so amazing is aligned in relation to the musical universe. The production on the disc is also carried out and appropriate. The afgrundsdybe guitartone, drums, fills in the soundscape, and the vocals, like on NIHL is pulled slightly back in the soundstage, providing an overall picture. We are going to talk of bands who could remind you, or bands that have elements of the Altarage, I will mention Morbid Angel, Immolation of the dead items, while there are also foreshadowed Deathspell Omegask bias and dark, Portalsk barbarisme and Gorgutsk technique. Altarages soundstage is very complex, but they handle the elements 100 % brilliant and creates a thread of nightmare and darkness, through everything they do.

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