Endless Pilgrimage - Grave Miasma

Black suits them

They have taken the best from both worlds and combined it really nice. It is a hard and bleak album, which will appeal to many, and it will hopefully contribute to a larger fan base that can help them on the path to even a fuldlængdeplade. With it, they have done here, it will at least be received with headbang and devil horns. For hårdtpumpet, death and the sinister black, you will without a doubt appreciate this album.

English Grave Miasma new, the dark and atmospheric tones

A half an hour of death and destruction

Grave Miasma is one of the emerging bands in the uk death-/black-mold. They have several demos and ep's behind them, but only one single fuldlængdealbum it so far, and in this game it is also only been to a half album. There are four new songs to find on the Endless Pilgrimage and a remake of the song "Glorification Of The Impur", which comes from the band's early demodage. The whole is distributed on the 33-minute evil.

Challenge their genre and take them yourself to a new level

With the new songs, it is evident that they have tried to expand their repertoire, and it is managed well. It is an incredibly aggressive album, with sinister and dark undertones. The songs are mostly in low and hard pace, but with the change of tempo along the way, so the neck muscles will be shaken. Guitarstykkerne on this album cuts into the very bone and marrow of the four numbers and gives you the feeling that it is a black metal album, you sit with – but with references to the death metal genre.

Even though they themselves call their genre as death, so there is no doubt that the Endless Pilgrimage has moved far into the dark forest, and get fans of the black metal genre to nod appreciative. To highlight on this album is the track "Utterance Of The Foulest Spirit" and so the very successful remake of "the Glorification Of The Impur", which is guaranteed to be a happy reunion of old and new.

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