Endzeit - Totenburg

So German, as it well becomes

nulldB is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band, and the style can be described as 'Stoic rhythms and heavy guitar work [...] enriched with catchy NuMetal elements'. Endzeit is nulldB's second release, published three years after her debut in 2009.

While I in general am quite excited about German metal, so I have not interested myself much for Neue Deutsche Härte. Mostly because I really think it often gets a little silly with caricatured vocal, fragmented imagery and outlandish appearance drowned in pyrotechnics, and what have we. But now, when the nulldB won heavykategorien in the Deutschen Rock und Poppreises in 2008, then they should have a chance.

And it took so!

Now you think: Here comes another Rammstein clone. Although Rammstein fans in particular should give nulldB a listen, so they can not be reduced to a clone. Their style can perhaps be said to be more inspired by traditional heavy metal, in the sense that the soundstage is more coherent. The writing is generally really good, and the tracks are melodic in a surprising and highly successful degree. As it belongs to, is used-changing elements, but it appears to be homogeneous. Thus, appears it is quite natural, when the children suddenly sings in the "Roter Regen" and "Kinder Des Zorns".

The music is well played. Several of the numbers appear a little bit held. I am usually not a big fan of, but here gives it an intensity in the music, without that the numbers will get an unresolved character.

The vocals also deserve a separate remark. Frank Kühnlein sing with this particular style, which is a part of the Neue Deutsche Härte, but he strikes a balance, and his style is powerful and works well with the music. The lyrics are in German, and I don't possess sufficient knowledge to be able to speak with authority about them. But I can see that nulldB is a band with opinions, and their musical expression is a good platform for it.

The production is, as you would expect from German metal releases: Precise and clinical, almost a little 'naked'. But now if you even think that all the instruments play well, why not let us be able to hear it? More of it, thank you!

Unified framework nulldB a point of balance with a precision, which you probably must be German to master. That one of the guitarists as body-painter himself as Peter Lundin, that we let pass for this time...

Endzeit is composed of ten strong tracks. There is also a version with three bonus tracks. As it often is, to understand why they didn't come with the regular release. However, it should be retfærdigves be noted that the "Büchse Der Pandora" is a slightly different number, which certainly has some self-qualities.

So with a paraphrase from benny's inimitable 'conversation' with the Black Baron in "the Olsen gang goes to war", so my opinion on Endseit be summarized rather short: Das muß you it's damned hard höre!

Tracklist: 1 Tyrannei 2 Endzeit 3 Rotate The Regen 4 Kinder Des Zorns 5 Kaltes Herz 6 Versuch Es Doch 7 Leben 8 Taub Blind Stumm 9 Freiheit 10 Die Jagd Beginnt 11 Flucht (Bonustrack) 12 Déjà Vu (Bonustrack) 13 Büchse Der Pandora (Bonustrack)

Supposedly coming nulldB at Wacken. It could be worthy of consideration, if you still need the way past:

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