Enraged And Unbound - Unfathomable Ruination

Angry and free

Enraged and Unbound is a well-chosen title for a melodious album. The music is, in truth, both furious and unbound. The group is free to do what they want, because they are able to do what they want, and what they want is to play technical and brutal death metal. This combination does not need to be either thought - or pointless, and Unfathomable Ruination are focusing their collective abilities to create an album so good that every second is packed with widely diverse riffs. Add to this the individual touch of melody, a tremendous performance from the drums and an excellent production, and you have a fine dødsmetalalbum.

British brutality

Technical death metal and brutal death metal are below for each of its criticisms. How many of us have heard or even said, that technical death metal is sjælløst? Or that brutal death metal is fladpandet? As al genrekritik of course this is simplistic, of course, there are several bands that can play significant technical death metal, and sophisticated brutal death metal. And then there's a band (out of Suffocation), which can both. Unfathomable Ruination comes from London and has gained a lot of attention on the basis of their first two studio albums, Misshapen Congenital Entropy and Finitude. Their third album, Enraged and Unbound, is my first in-depth meeting with the English, and it will not be the last.

Unfathomable ruination

Perhaps the strongest element of the Enraged and Unbound – apart from the excellent fucking riffs – is the spread of different styles. Even though the core is composed of technical and brutal death metal, borrowing riffene from both thrash, black, melodød and groove – all velslagtet and squeezed into the Unfathomable Ruinations sound. The opener "An Obsidian Perception" provides the following midttempo brutal dødsriffing [second introriff], switch to the lightly charred melodic death metal in the middle piece, and rounds of with a chug-piece. "Codebreaker" sticking a støvlesnude over in doom, before it accelerates up in the thrash tempo, and since the breaker its way to a pisseflot melodic dødsstykke. The whole piece groove-thrasher its way toward completion – all achieved in under five minutes. "Defy the Architect" sounds like the name of a metalcore band, but is in reality an excellent dødsmetalsang. Number wins my button-so-prestigious award for the groove-riff, all the while delivering some black/death licks occasionally. As the other songs sticking the lightning of the place, so no piece to be boring.

When I try to review the songs on the script, it strikes me that the Ruinations music is unpredictable. It is not onlythat they can riffe within any genre; it is rather that they can do anything and tie it into their sound. Although the songs typically have a home-away-home structure, where the center section is taking a detour, it is impossible to predict where the afstikkeren sticks sometime. When the group finally does something simple, f.ex. the fast chug-pieces or titelsangens closest to the rocking mid-section, spice up the term with impossible licks, so the listener is kept on their toes. Drummer Doug Anderson follows suit with a wicked – and varied! performance, and in particular the snare drum sounds great.

With that said however, it is not every song that blows me backwards from start to finish. "Maniacal Delusion" lose me still with the first series of riffs, until a okay thrashstykke takes over as the bottom for the solos. The song ends, however, with distinguished doom and replaced reflux of brutal tremolo riffing on "Filament". I should really to highlight multiple songs, I don't like, but there is no more, so let me praise the production instead. It's nice and dynamic, and accommodate easily all the instruments, exactly what are packed with loads of technical death metal need.

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