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Eye Of The Soundscape - Riverside

Far from the metal

With this release, as well as Riverside, which has announced that they are continuing as a trio, it can be doubtful that Riverside returns to the progressive metal. On the other hand some indicate that they are now focusing on the electronic. If this is true.

Riverside has released an exciting and evocative album that is certainly worth listening to. Metal it is not, however, and therefore achieves Riverside no skulls in this place.


Instrumental post-electronic

The Polish progressive band Riverside releases new album as a trio, however, completely unexpectedly, this album is neither metal nor progressive. Here is the contrary to talk about a collection of old tracks as well as four new numbers in best electronic style. The genre, as Riverside moves within, is ambient electronic music, where the music is atmospheric and evocative.

Riverside lost in the February guitarist Piotr Grudziński, who died of cardiac arrest during a concert with a second, larger progressive band, Mike Portnoys The Winery Dogs. This has left the band as a trio, but at the same time had an impact on that Riverside has put the focus on the electronic music.

New wrapping of the old sound

Eye Of The Soundscape consists of nine old tracks as well as four brand new tracks. Among the new can include the track "Sleepwalkers", which is the first release on the plate. This number is hugely atmospheric, with many different sounds and leaves a hodgepodge of impressions. Not only this number but several of the numbers are looking my thoughts on Daft Punk and their acclaimed Tron-album. Riverside's music is, however, far more complex and contains far more layers, sounds and impressions. This can also be heard on the track "Shine", that constantly changes and adds new atmospheric sounds.

Opsamlingspladen consists in addition of the b-side/bonus tracks that have previously appeared on the specialudgivelser.

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