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Father Sun Mother Moon - Kawir

A little gem for black metal enthusiasts

If you have interest in black metal, or perhaps just cosy and well-executed metal in general, but at the same time is open to the regional peculiarities, as Kawir serves up, I can strongly recommend to check the "Father Sun Mother Moon" out.

Greek undergrundsveteraner throw delicious black metal on the street

Kawir provide candy for Rotting Christ fans

Kawir is from the Greece and have shared members with landsfæller as bl.a. Varathron and Nergal. They have since the formation in 1993 committed itself within the local black metal for Greece in general do great good. Typical of the Greek branch of the black metallen is that it usually focuses on rather simple, repetitive riffs and melodies, as well as a more or less pronounced use of specific local instruments, f.ex. whistles of various kinds. Kawir fits perfectly into the description, and recalls that Varathron and Rotting Christ, as most of you probably are familiar with. The flutes gives the music a touch, sometime in Nokturnal Mortum and the kind of bands, and together it is actually an excellent cocktail. Check out a number as "Two Mother Moon", where it all goes up in a higher unit – atmosphere, melody, and musical and vocal execution sits right in the closet. Also "Hail to The Three White Goddess" is an excellent track with cool change of pace and delicious, fast melody lines on the guitar.

Hold out – it pays!

After the first few numbers I was actually a little disappointed, as the initial intersections seemed to me a bit gumpetunge and small-bøvede, but Kawir seriously after it on the disc's latter half, where aggressivitetsbarometeret go some steps up the scale. In connection with this excellent black metal release, I can only once again wonder how Greece can continue to spit out quality black metal, as it is the case.

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