Fear Inoculum - Tool

Not for the novice

Few bands have as the Los Angeles-based quartet shared the waters as much as Tool. Even good old Moses must look to with great envy when metalfolket to divide into two camps, as soon as the conversation falls on the alternative metal and is probably the greatest name ever. Either you are equal parts wishy-washy with them and impressed by them, or seems to, it is something pompous and no matter juks.

And preserved, it is also complex. In fact, it is an understatement to call the Tool complex, and Fear Inoculum is without a doubt their most difficult accessible release to date and definitely not for the novice. You should not hear any evil from myself, if you think Tool is something bland navlepilleri. But if you bother it, understand it and have a surplus it can be a Tool album be an amazing experience. And it is Fear Inoculum. It can be discussed whether it is the band's best – it has so many layers, that it is not actually neither adequate or meaningful to report already – but totally awesome, is it in any case. Music requires time and dedication from its listener, but as the saying goes: "All good comes to he who waits". As long as we don't have to wait a further thirteen years on the next album.

Thirteen years was worth it all – masterfully new album from Tool!


No less than thirteen years were to pass before the world saw a new album from the mighty Tool. Thirteen years where the concept of a "new Tool album" first was a desire and a hope, and eventually became a myth, and eventually become a joke. But now it is here, indeed. It bears the title Fear Inoculum, and let's just note the same: It has without a doubt been worth the wait!

As the album's first single, the title track "Fear Inoculum", heralded with his playing on the neat side of the ten minutes, is Tools new work is a mouthful that requires a great deal of time and dedication from its listener. Six numbers plus three interludes and a total playing time of almost an hour and a half is a big mouthful, and it is a long time to be concentrated on such complex music. But, dear reader, as you probably are aware, when we're talking Tool, it is required to do this.

Metallens Pink Floyd does it again

Fear Inoculum is not an album to be listened to – it is a work that must be experienced. The first time, it is thrown on the plant, it is a clear advantage to hear it all from start to finish, but then waiting for it to turn a gigantic profit. Thematically, we are out in a philosophical analysis of the planet's eternal tightrope between nature and technology, and on the basis of the disc's title, as a little square can be translated to "fear vaccine", the lyrics are at least just as high level as the music.

You are not the type who bother to dwell on the thematic messages, however, there is plenty else to come after. Stylistically sounds large parts of the plate, as if it is cut from the same template, as the fabulous number "Schism" from the masterpiece Lateralus. If you imagine that the band on the best Inception-the show is delving down into the number, and developed it to a whole album, has a fair image of what awaits you – it is quite well-known territory, and yet not at all. And the parallels to Inception is, in fact, not crazy to have in the back of the head at the through listening of the plate, as it consists of endless musical layer, which requires great concentration from the listener's side.

Compared to the previous frontman Maynard James Keenan pulled a little further back in the soundstage. The always razor-sharp, Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor are changed to show the way with their otherworldly really well-played guitar - and baspassager, but it is, in particular, the eminent drummer Danny Carey, who gets to control the battle on this plate with its offbeat african rhythms and indian tabla. It may at first listen seem strange, especially Keenan does not play a major role, but it works. The vocals are so understated and almost devoid of anything other than the low murmur, and quietly beautiful song that it immediately takes the focus, when it peeks out. Brilliant move by the quartet, which true to form even have sat behind the buttons.

The best number is almost sixteen minutes long "7empest", which throughout the number draws a clear track back to the band's first releases. It is clearly the most hard-hitting number, and virtually the only, where Maynard James Keenan at times becomes a bit aggressive and determined in its expression. "Invincible" and "Culling Voices", should not be ignored, but as mentioned earlier, the recommendation is from here that one must hear the entire disc as one long coherent work, as the various elements make sense only together and not separately.

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