Fear Itself - Criminal

Too many cooks spoil the broth...

...and for the many ideas muddles the process. Fear Itself is an ambitious plate, no doubt about it, but it is also a plate, where the ambition is not really met. At least not for me. The vocals are schizophrenic and can't decide whether the singing death, thrash or hardcore. Some will sure surely point to the fact that it is supposed to, and they may have a solid point. But then it becomes a question of timing. And for me the vocals just as confusing as dill in a curry sauce – it may look good with a bit of green on top, but the cilantro had been a better choice. In the same way it may be fine that will alternate with his vocals and make it interesting, but three different directions is probably at least one too many. The Criminal should probably stick to their fanbase, whether they win fans in droves on this album, is probably more questionable. There, it seems to messy and weird unfinished.

5 boiled skulls are for one – despite everything – solid and nutritious meal, just missing a little flavor and nuances.

In the absence of a youtubevideo from their latest album, here's one from an earlier release.

A skizofrent album, like dill in the curry sauce or curry on a pizza

Solid without being flashy

Metal from south America! Mmmm... for an old metalromantiker as me taste it already well before the first note. There is now just something with the heavy and the continent with a weakness for rock, repression and rebellion. In the order.

Fear Itself is the 8. studio album from the chilean Criminal, and it got me to pleasure me as to a good dinner with an old friend. I have always had a weakness for Sepultura and hoped that I could expect something in the same delicious tradition. I got my hopes fulfilled, such as – raw, unadulterated metal, it takes no mistake, but the result tastes just still as if someone has made the mistake of dill and coriander.

The cheerful kitchen without fun

When you have been something about the music, so long as the Criminal has, so is it fair that the audience has expectations. They are, unfortunately, never really met. The album is cluttered and without direction, there are bright spots, cool breaks and delicious riffs, but it all seems unfinished and without the red thread. However, there are bright spots, as, for example, the song "False Flag Attack", which has many really good features, and gives a taste for more. And so is there anyway someone who has thrown curry on my pizza. For there is constantly something wrong, there is a lack of bottom in the music. The elements are there, but it is as if the Criminal will a little more, than the genuine powers. There are clear inspirations from the Carcass here, but it goes just not quite as good as the masterpiece Heartwork, as the Criminal himself indicates as a great source of inspiration. There is energy and commitment for all the money, and they are definitely skilled musicians, they work just not as a real band, and they don't seem to agree on what law they are creating.

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