Forever Warriors - Doro

Stop while the game is good

Doro is a legend. But legends don't learn new tricks, legends renews itself, and they remain legends. It is time to Doro realizes that she can easily retire and enjoy his very well-deserved retirement. It is allowed for a queen to abdicate, there is no reason to go on, until you fall over.

God Save the Queen

Dorothee Pesch, known as Doro, is a legend. She has since '82 proved that in metallens world it's full no matter, whether you have two X-kromosoner or not. With 17 albums and a 36 year long career, there should not be doubt about whether the queen still sits on his throne, but it is as if, that needs to be aired well and truly out of the castle, the dust and the rust has taken a good hold in the royal inventory.

It is good to have friends... But!

Purely musically, Doro not really changed since '82 with the Warlock. It is still the "hard rock meets glam anno 1982", however, better produced, and so anyway... Doro is from Düsseldorf, and it's only become more evident with the years, despite the fact that she has lived in New York since Diamonds King was jack. An accent is not a problem – on the contrary, it can add charm and character. Unfortunately, it is not the case on the Forever Warriors. On several of the songs, for example the first number "All for Metal", which is her vocals in the last part of the song almost totally incomprehensible, and it appears as a form of snøvlen that makes you believe that she has forgotten the text. Doro is, as previously said, a legend. It also means that you can get everyone and anyone to come and help to make an album. I'm a big fan of both duets and cameos, so when I read that she had the duties of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth to help with a duet (in the same way as Doro was with of Amon Amarths last album), I was naturally excited, but also a little nervous. Unfortunately, it was the nervousness that would prove to be the sensible feeling, for helledusseda something juks! The number is called something as creative as "If I Can't Have You – No One Will", and from there we can even figure out that we're in a jealousy-trouble. There is so much at the song, that does not work, it may not pay to begin. I just want to say that one should jump the track, and it comes from a big Johan Hegg-fan, but even he could not save the rædderlighed of a song. The biggest problem is, however, that the song is only number three out of ten, and it doesn't get any better from there.

In fact, the only one that should be applauded, the musicians like Doro've got to play for themselves. They do an absolutely excellent piece of work, and provide genuine and authentic hard rock/glam, and the solos are totally show-off, as they must now be – so hats off to it. But it does not change the fact that the music Doro has created in the Forever Warriors is deeply outdated and, unfortunately, a sad parody and cliché. If you close your eyes you can easily imagine the music video for all the numbers: tight leather jackets, tight red leather pants, huge hair, too much eyeliner, sensitive guy with nail Polish on the keyboard and the silly tall hats with feathers that get blown away due to vindmaskinen, who is fighting a brave battle to surpass the røgmaskinen.

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