From Blue to Black - Crisix

It is not only the great who can!

It is then very possible that the larger bands, like Sodom, Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, and yes, even Metallica, publisher super cool thrash-washers here in 2016, but one should certainly not miss out on this new-classic that, in my opinion, probably going to overtake the big sideways the lead in the fight to publish the coolest thrash-slice in the year 2016.

I sincerely hope that one day I will get the chance to see them live. For if the energibombe, as the disc can be transferred in a live show, come Crisix to blow the venue to pieces. By providing support as our own Impalers and, not least, the Poisoner, it could well be a legendary evening, a place in Denmark.
Yes, yes, yes, you have well allowed to dream...
This move just needs to be checked out and must not be missing in the collection.

Spain can other than football, red wine and good weather!

When Barcelona go and surprise...

I must blankly admit that I don't know many bands from Spain. They are there of course, but it is not many, if any at all, that has struck my attention and has been hanging.

Crisix from Barcelona and was already noticed in 2011, with the voldfede debut The Menace, which in my opinion almost kicked the door in and from the start showed how it is done. Ago followed the Rise... Then Rest in 2013, that continued the cool bars before they got a slightly bigger contract on Listenable Records and released From Blue to Black here in 2016. And let it just be said with the same thing: it is quite simply some of the coolest thrash I have heard in many years.

People who know me, also know my passion for the thrash genre, which I have followed, loved and cultivated since the happy 80's, and there really is something extraordinary to impress me in the degree to which the Crisix has done! To top it off with a clean 10-talk to follow. Not so much with the From Blue to Black, since I already know the other two slices, so I knew like what you might expect, and these expectations are indeed met 666%. I will almost put your head on the block and love the fact that the vast majority of metalheads with a penchant for unmitigated thrash good can go to be surprised, which completed fat Crisix is – if one did not know them in advance. The first two discs was released on some smaller labels, so you are excused, if they were to have escaped one's attention. The new washer should not be able to avoid anyone's attention. It is the quite enkelkt too brilliant to.



What can the so, the that Crisix?! They can play thrash!!! Lively, intense, brash are just some of the words that comes to mind, already after the first number, "Conspiranoia", blowing out of the speaker. Massive headbanging and a big moshpit is the ambiance, which immediately hit one with an appreciative "fuck, it rocks" in your inner dialogue. A bold vocal that varies from the easier snarling, to the more raw and direct thrash-shout-vocals, which of course is supported by the classic bully-choir, which, together with the catchy riffs and the insistent energy, greatly helps to bring the whole up at an extraordinary level.

It may well seem a little contradictory to mention, that it is not the originality, which is the strength. It is the effervescent joy of playing that shines through, and a good ability to catch the cool grooves, the catchiness and the many little touches that makes the disc not only moves from the first through listening, but also opens over time. It is just implemented good workmanship all the way through.
The kind of neat, crisp and clear production fits well into the picture, and it really is a thrash-fest of the best caliber. Tracks such as "G. M. M (The Great Metal Motherfucker)", "T-Terror Era" and the title track is pure thrash-pearls, and as such is not a single number, that does not hold a tårnhøjt level.


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