Generation Doom - Otep

I dont. Give a. FUUUUUCK!!

However, I will nevertheless, modern hip-hop despite, approve what they have done here. And it is especially due. åbningsnummeret Zero. The primal and aggressive roar she opens up with gives the chills, and the number should set the standard for the rest of the plate, it is heavy, groovy and convincing and once again I must put a big fat line under Justin Kiers obvious talents, he gets really allowed to show why he has come into the warmth with a woman who otherwise can occur a tooth misandrisk brought. So even though it lacks a Atom two Adam, Crooked Spoons or Filthee, there are still many bright spots on the album, which you easily can immerse themselves in, whether it is for one or the other...

The world's vredeste frontkvinde, roars on stilforvirret response.

Spoken word for adults

Otep Shamaya has always had something on his mind. Whether it is a call for the oppressed to rise up again, fists first, or whether it is death by shoulder to dyremishandlere and rapists, she has eddersparkeme also something to say here, on their seventh studio album.

Let's get one thing straight...

Here she sounds completely just as angry as she always has done and with her unique vocals she can now also perform to the sounds, more than once, as if she truly is on the verge of losing her mind. She has one of the most distinctive voices in the environment and it can really surprise, even after 16 years – who had thought she possessed a vocals which could just as well be committing themselves in the singer / songwriter country? On the "Generation Doom" we get everything from a completely manic cackle to a velvety whisper that at the same time terrifies and seduces. It would probably not succeed in many other bands, Otep Shamaya, and Otep is a device that will not work without the other, her voice fits perfectly to the mix of styles there, also here, is put for the day. But for one reason or another, prisoners of their many facets to me this time not quite as they have always done. It feels too cluttered, and for one reason or another, not hard enough. Be preserved, it is still heavy as just hell and it is partly due to Justin Kier on drums, for I promise you, along with the vocals, are the two the main element all the way through. The bass is still emphasized, but not in the same way as on f.ex. "Atavist", which in my eyes is the best they have made since "Sevas Tra" back in '00. But there is simply musical a red thread through the "Generation Doom" which offers bl.a. on heavy følerock, hard industrial-inspired hærg and then... a rap number? Before you return the white too much out of the eyes, you must keep in mind that the Clutch in his time also made this and it is exactly the kind we work with here. From the first Michael Bay-inspired sound for the last cheeky comment, you are served rhythmic håndmadder, directed against the homophobic men and what she does to their boyfriends. You can pull a little smile over the phrase "He called me a dyke, I called him an ambulance", but the text is really funny screwed together and one think definitely on her when she is dry, she observes get more f*sse than you.

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