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Gods To The Godless (Live At Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015) - Primordial

Regardless of preferences, most agree that live albums are rarely the money or the hassle worth it. Bad sound and bøvede interjection does not pull up on the memory of an unforgettable and unique concert experience.

Full-fat double live albums
But exceptions exist of course. Iron Maiden "Live After Death", Thin Lizzys "Live and Dangerous", the Scorpions "World Wide Live" and Slayers "Decade of Aggression" is f. ex-live albums which manages to encapsulate the band's past and present, the audience's enthusiasm and the band's joy of playing. We're talking full-fat double live albums where a band is caught up in their career zenith.

More excited than a witch at midsummer, I have looked forward to the Primordials Gods to The Godless, with the hope of a repetition of the terrific live album All Empires Fall from 2010. But, unlike the last, is liveoptagelsen this time just better and Alan Averill has really stepped into character as the lead singer. The energy and the wildness is intact, but everything is just a tad better, more immersive and more compelling.

LIVE and only live
The album is recorded without the use of kliktracking, compressorer, autotuning and other evils. A magnum opus, where the Primordials quirky blend of folk-, pagan - and black metal, restores the memories of their maratonkoncert in the Little VEGA. Yes, and yes. There are minor errors along the way as f. instance, is a contrived guitar solo in "Babylon Tower", but all in all, it means nothing, when Alan Averills steeled eyes control the battle.

Setlisten could for my sake be longer, and even if the 80 minutes should satisfy most, I miss the "Traitors Gate" and "Gallows Hymn", but will conversely not exchange with some of the album's existing numbers. Highlights of many of the. But the "Where Greater men Has Fallen" and "Empire Falls" are now inexorably fixed in long-term memory, and that must disease, to remove them again from the pandebrasken.

No grave is deep enough
The album gives me the faith back that the live albums still have an entitlement and if you need an intro to the Primordial, this is a very good place to start. A kind of "Best of...", + tons of liveenergi. Primordials eligibility is, of course, not for discussion, and there is no grave that is deep enough to bury these pagan irish.

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