Gore - Deftones

Scream your praise

As a band renews itself for each album, and even though they are constantly in motion, you can always hear it is them. Gore offers a lot of small twists, not at first or second listen, get with. A bass line here, a beat there and then Chinos distinctive voice, which almost gives me faith in love back, I love me time and time again and this album is not much different. It runs on its own pace as usual, without taking into account the rhythm of the music, so at that point everything is as it used to and I buy it and don't have the receipt, thank you. This is a masterfully engrossing album which I, in a few years, I am pleased to look back on and miss the summer of '16...


Kalejdoskopmetallerne from California, serves up a new plate to your memories in the spe

Flamingos fly

With well over 21 years old, should be led to believe that the Deftones have signed one of the infamous korsvejsalliancer, for out of the thousand bands that popped up on the alt / numetal scene in the mid 90's, there are not many back and out of the few, there are even fewer that are relevant to this day. And why is it so right to Chinos, long socks still rocker?


It is largely due to the Deftones' ability to renew themselves on every forever only album. From their numetallede first album Adrenaline to the fantastic, beautiful, Diamond Eyes, will find constantly new ways to challenge both themselves as a band, but also us, their fans. The Deftones is not an easily accessible band in any ways and I kløjes in all the genres that have become attached to their sound. Numetal, alternative metal, experimental metal, almost shoegaze vibe, post-metal etc. No matter what you will choose to call it, is the main feature of it here with the circus, their eternal expander and experimenting with what one can find, and still maintain people's interest and affection.

Then, when you, I, the undersigned, here, refers to himself as a die hard fan, it is of course both a curse and a blessing to sit with the responsibility to tell others why they should or should not give Gore a chance. And it is difficult for the Deftones is a personal experience. As always, it requires a new set of ears every time you have to listen to them for the first time. But I think it largely is about one of their old discs have those pink glasses on as we all know, hand on heart.. How much of their music has no time attached strong memories? Deftones will always remind everyone of the there magical summer, or him / her you never get in, or, or...

The whole expression on the album is thoughtfully and almost melancholy, but without the sad mines, and if we absolutely must compare the sizes, then have the Gore more in common with Saturday Night Wrist and Diamond Eyes than f.example Deftones and their previous album Koi No Yokan, in the sense it is less hard and more ethereal.

However, there is just one number where they throw the guitar in the leading trailing and throwing themselves in addition to the limit of all decency and it is too early to say whether there is the potential for a new "Change" or "My Own Summer", with Gore as with all Deftones, it requires time to put into it. But my money is clearly on the third and last single "Hearts/Wires", for it is eddersparkme catchy and that, so far, sells the album the best. Otherwise, there are good chances for "Phantom Bride" by Jerry Cantrell as a guest, who can well catch a little Alice in Chains vibes, something that goes really well with the dreamy tones that characterize both the track and the album as a whole.

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