Grant Us Death - Ulcer

Old school death from Poland captures the interest The Polish band the Ulcer is back with a time old school death metal on the disc, Grant Us Death. The band draws inspiration especially from the 90'the dødsscene from Sweden ie. early Entombed and Dismember. The numbers are a good mix of heavy drums, intense guitarpassager, which helps to put the mood for the numbers and lots of riffs. In addition, the alternation between deep dødsgrowl and sometimes cuts a few animal scream trommehinderne. The sound quality on Grant Us Death brings back memories to the old cassette sound that existed on all the discs back in the start 90's. There is a bit of hiss and the sound is something deeper than what one is used to hearing on modern washers. This fits really well into the band's brutal and primitive sound. It is like being tugged back in time, when Grant Us Death is put on. There is a lot of brutality, primitivitet and chaotic rhythms. It is the simple compositions Ulcer, which fits quite well into the musical universe. I must admit, I lost interest in music after hearing the album through a few times, but one longs for the old school death Grant Us Death a check worth. Tracklist: 01. Grant Us Death 02. Devilspeed 03. Bloodpainted Salvation 04. The Love Song 05. Godcremation 06. Thanatoeuphoria 07. Devialize 08. The Pact 09. My Lord Has Horns 10. When Horror Comes

Here is a smuglyt from the album, Thanatoeuphoria

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