Gravity - Anekdoten

Each of the cool songs and a whole lot of stuffing

There has been primarily focus on the band's weaknesses in this review and it is due to that Gravity provides plenty of good occasions to analyze these. You could also choose to rose Bullet For My Valentine to be still current, in spite of their very strong appeal for a youth, that slowly grows from the music. The songs where the band just put a bit of distance to their formula, will be almost all awesome, and there are fortunately also some of the on Gravity. Several of these songs got their Danish baptism of fire at Copenhell last weekend, where the band showed that they are far from are exhausted.

To navigate the in-core sump

One of 00'the big metalcorebands is at it again. The welsh Bullet-For-My-Valentine/1018">Bullet For My Valentine have the last few years ridden on the 2015s Venomthat made the band relevant again on top of it is barely so popular Temper Temperalbum. Venom's success consisted partly in the fact that it reinvented the band's old five and energetic part, and that the band dodged their biggest pitfall-that their songs quickly is going to sound very similar. Simple themes and song structures requires cool riffs and a good deal of energy and willpower in order not to be watered down to a big generic mud puddle. Gravity promises in moments of this, but unfortunately, there are a number of important criticisms, which makes that the album did not get the band in the vicinity of their former highs.

An endless hole of formelnumre

You may have just signed in advance heard the singles "Over It" and "Letting You Go" and have screwed up a little the expectations for the summer, Bullet For My Valentine release. The latter song is very expected for the genre – well written and clings close to the band's earlier material – but the "Over It" , quite a promising teaser for Gravity. These songs opens with "Leap Of Faith" album, and then it can go both ways. Energetic beats and riffs and some growls builds the mood quite nicely up, but it requires that there are more goods in the rest of the album.

The first real trouble the number to the "Not Dead Yet", which is also the first song in a series of tidsudstrækkere. The atmosphere flowing slowly out of the dull riffs and kept only in a small way in the live of the chorus. Then killed the energy completely on the poppy "The Very Last Time". This had been a stand-alone number, it might have worked, but it being watered down completely in the finpolerede, overproducerede and toothless five midternumre. A jaunty trommebeat in "Piece Of Me" rescue briefly lytteroplevelsen, before the band plays three songs, which all sounds a little too much as failed attempts to repeat the success of "Tears Don't Fall".

Bullet For My Valentine do their best on the instruments and the vocals, and with a little more variation could Gravity might have reached the same level as in the Venom, but it is simply too monotonous and several songs seem like copies of the band's earlier successful ballads. The lyrics are a bit too much stuck in the old skilsmissetema, Bullet For My Valentine the case is a right oversuttet bolsje. A little too artificial finpolering of all the tracks on the album, remove all drama from ex-girlfriend-the anger, and only a few songs come the emotions behind the text properly.

As an appreciative nod to Linkin Park and the recently deceased Chester Bennington will be having experimented a little extra with the electronic effects of Gravity. It works well for several of the songs individually, but is on a general level to make them monotonous and hive move out of the album. You get tired of the long electronic flow-passages that might have been melodic guitar solos or breakdowns.

Before concluding, a last number, which evades the pitfalls, however, be highlighted. "Don't Need You - 2018" is a post-processed version of the 2016-single of the same name, which kicks just as much ass as in 2016. It is not, because the song is particularly innovative, but it brings something of the energy, as the rest of the album lacks, and can, together with "Piece Of Me" make it worth listening to on after the third number.

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