Grey Heavens - Omnium Gatherum

Really good album, but still loses to the New World Shadow, but...

They have followed basically the same recipe as in their previous albums, but the Grey Heavens tastes just a little better. However, I must confess, that New World Shadows still come first if there is to Omnium Gatherum at the plant. But in spite of the loses to the album, so to win it is still pretty much as it is a really good album, which you, as a fan of the melodic death really ought to acquire. The biggest calls must without a doubt sounds from the undersigned. Old and new fans have taken really well against this album, and it understands you well. Therefore, I will do the same and throws the 8 skulls up in the dark sky.

Omnium Gatherum crawls up out of the melodødsstien, with their seventh album

Lineuppet from the previous album is intact

Omnium Gatherum has had some changes over the years, and have almost done a new member on every album, but they seem now to have found peace and it comes to expression in the Grey Heavens. Lineuppet from the previous album is intact on their new and the technically proficient band from Karhula, Finland, have made their best album since New World Shadows 2011. Again do the two guitarists, Markus and Joonas themselves particularly noted for their sublime guitarteknik.

A dark sky has never been nicer

From the first second you hear the sound of a gun that gets taken ladegreb, and then The song "The Pit" otherwise, just shot in the head at you with a fierce speed. It is a fast number, where there really are petted for the two Jackson guitars. It is a incredibly pleasant number, but at the same time full of pace and aggressiveness. The pace will be screwed down into the more heavy and groovy "Skyline". Lead singer Jukka's deep growl pushes itself through the wall of heavy rhythms, and build the last foundation in the songs and it works great. He mastered his vocals really well, as it is violent and heavy, but at the same time, the words from the text through clearly.

The album's ultimate climax occurs at the "Frontiers", which simply is a magnificent example of what this band has to offer. That is not being held again at the dynamic guitar work and the catchy verse. It takes the title as the best number on this plate, out of several possible topics, there are plenty of delicious songs on this album. Grey the Heavens have done many viewings without even being boring, for there is so customize much variety and cool songs to it comes to keep, for a long time.

There are clear Insomnium references to find, when guitarist Markus Vanhala also beating his guitar, but I also came, of one or another reason, to think of Dimmu Borgir ca. a minute inside the "Storm Front". It was only briefly, but it was there and it makes it certainly is not the worse.

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