Guilty By Design - Jaded Heart

No masterpiece, but they have the skills

It is a really solid and good album these gentlemen have posted here and it is not inconceivable that they could go and commit a masterpiece in the future. This album lacks just a bit in order to achieve that. It is clear that the track that rises with the creativity and desire to play, but there is a definite wow-factor on this album, as there really is something that stands sharply out. It's all extremely well-acted and well-produced, it just gets a little too much of a good thing. Despite some variation, there is a little. The musicians have tried something new on this album, and although the vocals are super good, so it could well have followed with the others in the to step out of his comfort zone here. It

is a little, the safe choice. But head-to-toe, so this is an extremely good album, therefore, do I assign it 7 skulls.

Jaded Hearts latest album offers plenty of delicious riffs, bold vocals and the surprising hardness

The germans found the necessary help from the swedes

The German/Swedish melodic metal orchestra Jaded Heart, is out with their twelfth album since their start 23 years ago. They have long been considered some of the greats within the hard rock industry in Germany, and the empire continues to grow. The group was half Swedish back in 2005 and 2006 when lead singer Johan Fahlberg and guitarist Peter Ă–stros joined.

The band has been hit by further replacements, as they are in 2014 may take parting with their drummer Axel Kruse. But the new team is in place and they feel stronger than ever, it will now prove with their latest offering, Guilty By Design.

Lots of energy and attitude

This album, with its 12 songs a lot to offer. There is a very fine balance and variety, from the up tempo songs, small melodic treats and a few songs where they've screwed up for the hardness, which has so far not seen from this band. It fits incredibly well for them and is a nice input on their now vast repertoire and musical ability.

"No Reason" is the first track on the album and it is full force right from the start, with everything you could wish for. It is melodic, melodious and bold sing-a-long vocals with a catchy chorus. A number which at all points describes this band perfectly. It is the sound that Jaded Heart have set for themselves and developed through their career.

They are, however, surprisingly, very out of their comfort zone on tracks like "Salvation", "This Is The End" and "So Help Me God," which, without comparison, the hardest tracks this band has done this and it works damn good. But what stands out throughout the album, Johan Fahlbergs unique vocal style. He makes it still really good and has certainly helped to lift this band since he came to power.

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