Gunmen - Orden Ogan

With an iron will

Alright Loves, have launched their fifth studio album, the third in just three years. The band has over the years had to carry the label to take over for Blind Guardian, and with Sebastian 'Seeb' Leverman behind almost everything that happens in The Order, it is clear that it is now, tronskiftet to happen. With the Gunmen appear, it is evident that the four-man band is embarking on a journey far out to the west, where dust finds its way into everywhere, and a man can only rely on his horse, and his seksløber.

Can power be other than dragons and knights?

We are in power metal, accustomed to the epic tale of the knight who goes forth into the wilderness in order to beat the dragon to death, rescue the princess and win half the kingdom. Order Loves choose to break with the tradition and setting out to the west and open prairie, where we follow the Vale through a world of revenge, sorrow and redemption. Levermans light vocals takes us through one epic story after another. Right from the start, where Vale put a city desolate with the murder of her impending executioner, before he swears to avenge his beloved. The typical mix of the chorus and a breathtaking frontvokal, that underpin the story, gives us the narrative, which is difficult to get rid once you have come in time.

The drums are recorded in an amusement park, which is just one of the small, quirky details that characterize this album. It's that the overall story did not deal with the traditional fantasy-like adventure, is another, and the lack of a genuine ballad is a third. The sharper dog with "Come With Me to The Other Side" where the typical female vocals presented by Liv Kristine and play an to the just a trouble. The illusion vanishes quickly, as the drums and guitarene breaks the silence and throws us further on the journey towards the infinite.

This particular combination of all of the known tricks in the sleeve, mixed with this new western world, make that the Gunmen step outside the normal bounds, and we must look at it in a different way. One of the things I think works really well, is the construction and composition. There are only ten numbers and without the traditional fuss. The production is completely as it should be, since the sound is razor sharp. That is not something to put on the vocals throughout the session, and the guitar plays as it should. The only aber dabei I by the production of the drumming. While there has been much out of the story, I think, the father too much in the background several times.

The album is rounded off with something that can loosely be translated to "the end crowns the work", which may be said to be something of a statement. However, it is a fine way to end, where our protagonist ends up six foot under the ground, stabbed, cut, kværket and got the skin peeled off before he gets burned and his ashes scattered to the wind. Such! Talk about an epic power-end.

The red against the sunset...

The moral foundation of the Gunmen comes just in the last number, which is being sung "You decide how you meet the end of the course. The Kings also rule the day that they die. Remembered as comets, not as dead rocks, a fire that scorches the sky", which makes, I can not get rid, that there is someone who has heard too much Monty Python (can you even?) and had some inspiration from the Life of Brian. "You know, you come from nothing - you're going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing"

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