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Hardwired... to Self-Destruct - Metallica

But we will never stop we will never quit, 'cause we are Metallica!

So, we face a strong and self-Metallica-album that exudes far away of artistic freedom, and no fan-service obligations; that is 12 songs that are made by Metallica, for Metallica. You can also clearly hear their own favourite bands in the many tracks; Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top and Iron Maiden goes clean through on the many numbers, and it works. However, some of the later numbers, such as "ManUNkind", "Am I the Savage?" and "Here Comes Revenge" maybe a little long in the saliva, and sounds of all, most of all, a little like the same Black Sabbath song, but they grow on you, unlike the other songs, such as "the Moth Into the Flame", which went clean in the first blow. The conclusion must be that it is a strong and self-publishing with quite a bit of variation and plenty of energy. It has its shortcomings, for example, I miss a little bit of a power ballad, a la "Fade to Black" and then maybe a hjernesmeltersolo from Hammett, but on the contrary, it is a pleasure to sit with something new to Metallica. Despite its shortcomings, it is also a pleasure to hear that this is a plate that is created solely because Metallica themselves would create it. Whether you like it or not, so it is a tribute to artistic freedom and independence. It is finally also a plate that shows, to Metallica, thus, is yet alive, and that they are hardly going to stop with the music just preliminary.

Yes, you almost think that it is a lie, but Metallica has for eight years made something new!

The day that never comes

It is indescribably anxiety-provoking to sit down with the brand new Metallica disc; it is like Moses coming down the mountain with the ten commandments. That has been promised gold and green forests, so now is the make or break. One hardly dare put the disc in, the expectations are all over the place – is it a masterpiece, or is it a blunder, or worst of all: it's just a mediocre slice from the four 50-year-old men, who do not know what they are doing?! The three singles that the band has sent out, gave an impression that the band was such a little all over the place. There was something standard 1-2-3-spree-thrash, there were sing-a-long with the catchy riffs, and there were tribute songs to Iron Maiden and other old English, so how is helhedsudtrykket?

They grow up so fast...!

Hardwired... Two Self-Destruct is a special plate that has a little of everything – in other words, on the cool way! Back in 1996-97, where they released Load and ReLoad, they got on the backlog to have been for the artistic and expressionistic; Hetfield explained that this is the sound of Metallica, when it is not him who is at the helm, but Lars and Kirk. If Hetfield had been at the helm back in midthalvfemserne, so had to Load and ReLoad probably sounded more like Hardwired... do. Hardwired... Two Self-Destruct mixer the how to more experimental and bluesede sound from Metallica's senhalvfemserperiode with the joy of life, gumption and the rediscovery of their roots, as we heard on Death Magnetic, from 08. It is not doubt that it is Metallica, who have made this plate, so you can hear all the Metallica's, they have been through their 33-year career. Through the 77 minutes, as the plate takes, you can clearly hear some of the many musical adventures, the band has been through, unlike Death Magnetic, there more focused on that it had to be the 80's-Metallica, just put in the 00's. I was a big fan of Death Magnetic, in 08, because it was an album that proved that the band still lived, and that they could still make music that moved. Death Magnetic was a statement that the "Hello! There is thus a need for, that we are the greatest! YEAH!". Hardwired... is not in the same way a statement; it is more a work of art that says that now is Metallica become adults. They are 100% in himself, and now dare to make exactly what they themselves want, and if you don't like it, so I choose to heave a newer Hetfield-quote above: "I don't give a fuck".

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