Heart Like a Grave - Insomnium

A borderland

Ergo lands we of eight skulls in a borderland between Winter's Gate and Shadows Of The Dying Sun. This is an excellent work, but it is not the best, Insomnium have done, missing a my of the magic, which is to find on the previous releases. But it is still a really good disc, and I'm only more a fan of Niilo for every time I hear him yell at me.

Metal bias

Here on metalbehavior.com we love Insomnium, and their last three releases have all got nine or ten skulls. In fact, we must all the way back to 2004, before they received a grade that was below the seven – ergo, we have a clear bias about these cheerful fins. Therefore, it is also with light, trembling fingers and strained ears, I attack their eighth studio album. Insomnium have always done it, they even thought it was right, and have never really tried to fit into a particular place – and perhaps this is one of the explanations for their success? But after 22 years and seven albums, most of which have been praised to the skies – then you have time as a band... Or?

New blood, classic sound

If one keeps the Heart Like a Dig up against their previous album, Winter's Gate, so it is clear that there is a more classic albums and not one long number.

But fear not. Insomnium sounds still, as they should, ie. fast-paced, bombastic and identified Finnish melo-death, however, without the keyboard, which is otherwise so often sneaks into Finnish metal. But their biggest strength is still the vocals, provided by the good old Niilo Sevänen. His voice is, for me, the sound of Insomnium – his voice is so unique, that you can always recognize it. It was also, therefore, did not go long before people agreed that he had to be vocal behind the cartoon-the band Belzebubs, if debut the Pantheon of the Nightside Goods appeared earlier in the year. His guttural, yet incredibly understandable, the vocals are always a hit. In addition, the music is still incredible Insomnium-esque, ie. grandiose numbers with plenty of space for all sorts of musical excesses: acoustic instruments, the tremolo picking, blastbeats, growling vocals, beautiful song, bassoloer etc. Their sound is like a big playground of sound, take, for example, the number "And the Bells They Toll", where the band truly unfolds.

However, getting the album a little far in the saliva towards the end, as the last three numbers (including the title track) all have a spillelængde at a little over seven minutes. However, it must quickly be said that there are some bad tracks on the album – certainly not, and if one is incarnated Insomnium-fan, so you will probably only appreciate each second of acoustic guitars-plimren. But if one is to take the critical glasses on, then one must recognize that there well could have been cut a few minutes off here and there.

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