Hope Is Here - Lacrimas Profundere

Thanks, but no thanks

Recording, mastering and mixing must be the best of Lacrimas Profunderes latest album, Hope Is Here. In addition, there is a distance between the snapsene, and it is 45 minutes of your life which you could have used so many other places. Will you listen to the tuderock or goth rock, so there are other bands that are far better in these genres. 2 crying mascara-infested skulls it can most sneak up on.


A band name that keeps what it promises

Lacrimas Profundere is a German gothic rock band, which has released several albums and has also passed a million members, approx. plus/minus. Who have been busy with the replacements of the band members since 1993, when the band was formed. The band has reportedly also played a part in various genres through time, but is now ended on a bit of a commercial form of goth rock. Thus the band's name is very appropriate, since the Lacrimas Profundere in latin would mean 'to weep a tear' – which actually describes the band's music very well.

... and there must grædes

Hope Is Here called the album, but it is a glimmer of hope that is felt when one listens to one sad song after another. Frontman Rob Vittacas very sad voice especially be heard on tracks like "The Worship Of Counting Down", "You", "My North" and "Black Moon", gives a very depressive and gloomy atmosphere. The music is also very gloomy, but at times becomes quite tedious – there is just not so much in the music, which is to make it exciting. The album alternates between quiet, acoustic numbers and some with a little more distortion and the stone on which the track "My Halo Ground."

Best number on the record is, in my opinion, it is a little bit more country-tinged number "Pageant," which has a chorus with a good hook, which actually works fairly well, even if the number is right popped. However, it is the only song that immediately catches my interest, but no more than that.

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