Hostile Defiance - Exumer

Exercise for neck muscles

One by one all ten songs on this album have plenty to offer. Although the quality in general is quite high, making the lack of variation, the overall impression becomes a little monotonous. But Exumer supply still totally in order, old-school metal, and I'm willing to bet all my old Slayer vinyls that if you have a taste for 80's thrash, so will your neck all by itself go into action, when you hear the Hostile Defiance.

No news from the southern front

"There has not been a skid" wrote our reviewer, because in 2016, notified the German thrash veterans Exumers previous album The Raging Tides. It should be understood as praise, and let's just make it clear that in their latest gambit, Hostile Defiance, once again, is talking about the old-school German thrash, as we know it. It will say the focus on speed, melody and rage, as well as the total absence of original thinking.

Ten deeply in your face

If Exumers thrash to be described with only one word, there is no doubt about which: Catchy as hell. Yes, it was so little more than one word, but in return we get so also a catchiness to the abundance here of Hostile Defiance, and how important is it really with the same innovation? We get 10 short and relentless songs that each and every one is provided as a punched right in the face of the listener. And with an overall length of only 37 minutes, there is virtually not one superfluous second on this album. In spite of the not particularly sophisticated appearance, offers Hostile Defiance yet plenty of energy, adequate amounts of bøllekor and so a large number of changes of rhythm and grooves that sit right in the closet.

Bassist and lead vocalist Mem V. Stein snerrer like an angry dog more than he sings, and it is perhaps the only distinct weakness. It works fine enough in the aggressive passages, and there are plenty of. But in many of the highly melodious chorus, as, for example, on the "Raptor", a more singing vocals fit perfectly, and also give a much-needed break from the hot-headed bulldog, Stein otherwise constantly conjures up.

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