Human Target - Thy Art Is Murder

Very close to the top rated

Thy Art Is Murder have with the Human Target has committed a album of high quality. It is relevant in relation to the themes addressed in the texts, and so, the music is just well screwed together. Mcmahon's vocals put the icing on the cake and finishes the ring around a fantastic album. There must be a hair or two in the soup, so it must be the lack of guitar solos, which actually only is to find on the first cut, "Human Target". But it has not the big impact on the overall impression, which leaves the listener with a great desire for more.

Being on the throne

In 2017 took over the Thy Art Is Murder deathcoretronen with the amazing album, Dear Desolation, that here on got a nice character and nice words on the way. Read it here. Dear Desolation was also the last album with co-founder and drummer Lee Stanton behind the barrels. Here, only two years after with Jesse Beahler on drums, the australian deathcore kings return with their fifth studio album, Human Target. The question is whether the Thy Art Is Murder with the Human Target can live up to the high expectations, it certainly sits with in the wake of its predecessor?

Social criticism is delivered not much better

The short answer is a big and resounding "YES!". Thy Art Is Murder have managed to keep the shape and is back topnotch, both in purely musical, but also in terms of the lyrics. Not that the lyrics are the great lyrical experience, but the way they are delivered by lead vocalist Chris "CJ" McMahon and their timeliness in relation to the surrounding community, sits right in the closet. McMahon roars, screams and the growler itself to convincing through all the numbers, in some places with so large a surplus, that the listener simply must take my hat off. Thy Art Is Murder are ready for battle, and from the outset laid hard and aggressively out.

The record opens with the title track, "Human Target", which starts with a hissing and heavy guitar riff that slowly gets sucked into the rest of the production. McMahon votes quickly and seems convincingly all know that Thy Art Is Murder are not satisfied with the state of things. Far from it. On the track "New Gods" are the influencers, social media and the manipulative algorithms, which stands for the shot. On the "Make America Hate Again" it is the policy ydrefløje, and on "Chemical Christ" is the pharmaceutical industry, which gets on the backlog.

The music is tough and uncompromising, and there is screwed up a little dirty in the production in comparison to its predecessor. In this context, it is positive, and it supports just the Wwf vocals and angry lyrics. That is blazing fast maskingeværs riffs in abundance, plenty of breakdowns and the oceans of the tonsende drums and blastbeats. In other words, everything you can wish for when it comes to deathcore. Thy Art Is Murder manages to keep it all together by basically all the songs that have a unifying theme running at the bottom of the production. Midway on the plate changes the numbers a little character and becomes more afsøgende. It comes for example to the expression in the "Antonement," and "Eye For Eye", in which there is incorporated elements from black metal.

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