Hunter's Moon - Delain

You ought to have waited

As a reviewer, then the mixture, as the Hunter's Moon consists of a hodgepodge of confused thinking. I do not understand why you choose to mix the new material with the live material, and so calling it an EP. Either we should throw an EP on the street with the four numbers, you now had, or would you wait until you had enough material for a full album.

When it at the same time is such a confusing place with mixing, producing and mastering, so it becomes a messy affair, you are listening to. Stand the ad, and listen to the four studienumre, then they are crazy good in itself. There are four numbers, that has so much potential, that I am already now looking forward to what else comes out of the same production.

But... because it is so messy, what is thrown on the street here, so I can't give more than six skulls. I know damn bad, where I should end and start with this album. There is no cohesion in it, and it seems like you just have taken a live album and four new songs, because you are pressured into it by the same company, and so it ends up in a mess.

As brothers we share

Martijn Westerholt was originally as a keyboardist in Within Temptation, along with his brother Peter Westerholt. Due to illness he had to stop there and chose some time later to start Delain along with Charlotte Wessels, and thus was a breeding ground for two successful bands put.

Delain moves in the same genre as Within Temptation, but Sharon den Adel is very classically trained, Charlotte Wessel more jazz-inspired.

The EP precursor to the new album?

Hunter's Moon is comprised of four new songs and 10 live tracks and it shows, Delain uses the EP is in a different way than what we traditionally do. Typically it's a taste of what a band can play, and it will be so used to show skills to various record companies, hoping to get a albumkontrakt. But Delain have previously used it as a taster on an upcoming album, and now probably again.

The Live tracks on the album are all from the same concert in Utrecht, Tivoli, where among other things the multi-talented Marco Hietala from Nightwish appeared as a guest. It does, that it can be a bit confusing as a reviewer, as there is talk about the gritty live tracks and mixed the studio tracks. There have been seven different people and studies inside over the design of this album, among other things, our own Jacob Hansen, which you can feel. There is not the same sound and the end of all numbers, and it can make gennemlytningen a tad annoying. Of the four new songs, we are presented with, however, it is good to hear, you have worked with them, so that they are straight and sharp.

With the former's replacement, drummer Joey de Boer, as the new, permanent man, they also had to work new staff, but it is experiencing not at all. Charlotte Wessels is as always the primary songwriter, while guitarist Merel Bechtold has written "Art Kills", and it can really good brand. There is an audible, but not necessarily bad, the difference between this and the other three new tracks, which creates a universe, where we can hopefully expect something exciting in a new album.

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