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Hurricanes And Halos - Avatarium

It must be experienced!

Whether you like doom or not, Hurricanes And Halos without a doubt a listen worth. Each song is an atmospheric journey into a psychological universe, as it is hard not to be torn with when to open up to the music. The large variation makes both, that the music appeals to more than just doom-listeners, but also that the songs remain interesting by the second and third listen of the well-known Avatarium-listening. The plate is a delicious example of the creative development that does not harm originality and reaping nine skulls to kælderskabet from here.

Crunchy, soulfully old school rock

It has become fashionable to do old school rock. The legends rusts slowly away, but the 70's-the music is on the rise again with bands such as Ghost B. C. in spydhovedet. Now report yet another band from the neighboring country on the pitch. So far Avatarium played doom. Doom metal in the most begravelsesagtige incarnation of the genre, with melancholic cut could cut itself deep into the soul of the long numbers. With the title track on the previous album, the Girl With The Raven Mask, showed the experienced band members, to a faster and more varied style can easily contain the same mystery and depth as their eight-minutes-long vemodshymner. Hurricanes And Halos play in a honed form further down this track with lots of new energy and the soul in combination with a solid old-school vibe.

Mysterious journeys in the psychological abysses

Hurricanes And Halos can in the first place roses for a honed sound that combines Avatariums original ideas from the doom universe with a solid 70's vibe, which shines through clearly on all the production. The old style meets beautifully with a modern sound, which it rarely has been done digitally. The guitar crunching overdrive gets to shine already in the solo on the first song, "Into The Fire/Into The Storm", followed by a keyboard with hammond-organ-sound – as a foretaste of the enlarged instrumentsortiment. There is no doubt, however, that it is Avantarium and not loans from the 70's, that really pulls the plate in the country.

The pocket 70'is audio provides a new framework for Jennie-Ann Smith's supporting vocals, which is just as insistent, pure and melancholy, as it used to be. The exploration of psykens darker side of continues and take in the mystery. The disc's major work, the nine-minutes-long "Medusa Child" release change of pace and departure on the loose in a spooky and thought-provoking insight in "Medusa-child's" mind. With exotic percussioninstrumenter produced a slangehvislen, as like barnesang and lamentations glues the music together closely with the theme and an old myth closely with a great interest feeling of not fit in. A story about the "Road to Jerusalem" illustrates religionstemaet with oriental drumming, and in the more classic Avatarium-style disseminated hjemlængsel with the elegiac and emotional solos on "A Kiss (From The End Of The World)". The artistic side of the plate is missing nothing.

The record is very varied in the writing, which sometimes leads to identitetstab and can be harmful for the whole economy. With a strong red thread in the theme and a very solid performance on the aural, is the variation, however, clearly a force for the album which only gets better the more you listen to it. From gøglede rhythm parts over frekvente change of pace for the classical-music-inspired outro "Hurricanes and Halos". There are plenty of surprises in the wholehearted performance in no way fall to the ground. It thins, of course, a little out of the doom metallen, that gets a little less space to operate in compared to earlier albums, but in addition, it is difficult to find criticisms of the plate.

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