Hydra - Otep

All Hail Hydra!

All in all, Hydra is an example that sometimes you can actually tear the shit down (or maybe be forced to it by circumstances), and then with success to build something new up again. It is perhaps not even a better album than all of its predecessors, but it is definitely on par with their best, which really is a victory in itself. You get therefore a strong belief that there is a bright future for Helhorse filled with celebration and general hellraising, but definitely also with both depth and more development. We salute thus the Hydra and gives eight red skulls with exaggerated German accent, who doesn't give a fuck for the past.

Heavy, dirty and completed the sludge

This author and love to Helhorse started in earnest with Oh Death from 2013. The album contained several of the best songs released this year, songs which I still have today, six years later, hear regularly. In 2016, was released, so the sequel Helhorse, which, despite a part definitely approved the law, could not quite live up to the expectations, Oh Death had created. The band's heavy, dirty, and on the whole conducted sludgede style was forward to the album, Helhorse supplemented, not just with one of the country's best rock vocals of Mikkel Vad Larsen, but also with Ash Kristiansens intense yelling. The dynamics gave the band a more angry and reckless than traditional sludge, while Askes keyboards added both mood and dynamics. But for unknown reasons, Ash, in addition, together with guitarist Stephan C. Krabsen, left the band before the recording sessions for the Hydra went in.

And then they were four...

Helhorse is therefore now back as a more traditional "four-piece", but it is apparent quite quickly that one does not need to be concerned about it, for on the Hydra appears the band rather complete. As if the core of it, there was Helhorse, still intact. On the first single "Overboard" is a dynamic guitar work in the foreground, and Mikkel Vad is entered in character with an even more intense presence and a truly immersive vokalpræstation. Both go as much again on the whole album, that you forget to miss both the keyboards and scream. The second single "Avalance" has a damn catchy chorus and riffs that make you almost think the group is going to overturn the D-A-D of the stick on the Danish hardrock scene. "Outcome: Ruin" is yet another example of how Helhorse with success replaces their earlier style with something new and better. Riffsne are in the queue, the writing is top notch, and it's all complemented with a well-placed chorus.

Shenanigans – oh yes, such a one shall we also through – "Northern Lights" seems a little feigned, although there are also bright spots among other things, some beautiful guitar-lines. But it need some more hours in both song and study. You could say the same about a few of the other intersections on the Hydra, which also did not burn completely through. It, in turn, makes the title track "Hydra", where the start almost seems like a homage to Black Sabbath with a heavy, doomy riff that Tony Iommi would probably be difficult satisfied. Amazing that the old englishmen, who invented the whole shit, can still inspire younger musicians. "Hydra" impresses also with a tonstungt breakdown and even more delicious guitar work from Jacob Møgelvang.

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