I, The Devil - Deiphago

The devil's work

I will not categorize In the Devil as an unconditional bad album – in fact, I am convinced that the album is successful is assessed from the artist's underlying vision. But I can make an attempt to read and interpret this vision does not mean, that I can understand it, let alone want to share in it. In addition, I've previously criticised bands for to have a cloudy production, and even though Deiphagos ethos hardly accommodates earthly concepts such as "consistency" and "fairness", so clusters I me to the cosmos just yet: In the Devil sounds like hell, and I give only two skulls for the excellent performance from the drums and the vocals.

The hell in hell

"Black/Death from Hell's Headbangers? The I take!"

The above is a fairly correct representation of the thought process that led me to lift the anmeldertjansen for fillipinske Deiphagos' fifth fuldlængdealbum, In, the Devil. I had tamed my inner devil just for a moment had it not been worth much, but in return I could have found that Deiphagos music is... odd, for lack of a better term. In fact, I am almost impressed that you can possibly write such a cacophony.

Focused disorder

Deiphago is often referred to as kaosmetal; which is correct from a discourse and incorrect from another. The songs on In, the Devil is chaotic in the sense that they are swirling and unpredictable, and changes pace and style without notice. In turn, I can not immediately decipher any underlying vision or aesthetics, and when I read the reviews of the previous albums, this seems to be a recurring point of criticism. When I listen to music, I draw the majority of the emotional impressions from the words and the relationships, but the tonal instruments – the guitar and the bass – on In, the Devil is produced so muddy, that they in fact are reduced to white noise almost from start to finish. It is a form of adgangsritual in the bestial black/death that reject refined production, but even on the first demos from Blasphemy, Sarcófago and Sadistik Exekutions you can hear the strings fairly clearly. And that's how I prefer it.

But Deiphagos music has sounded like that since the beginning in 1991, and many before me have pointed out the production, without that the band has changed anything. Whether I personally like it or not, reads the disc as the band wanted it to sound. The music is, as mentioned, unpredictable; ie. one can hardly draw any structure of the songs. The instruments of the attacker, however, under one common vision, what it is; ie. it is not random, what they're doing. Drummer Erick Mejia blaster, beating, thumps, banging, and knocking in one away; the rhythm and the tempo is changed constantly and he uses the cymbals on an equal footing with everything else within easy reach. V666 swings the bass and spewing at the same time, the furious and hoarse cries, which, like everything else rarely seems subject to any identifiable structure. Sidapas guitar contributes almost not with something that can loosely be termed as "tonal", and the solos are in line with the music – devoid of patterns. In the few passages where the bass and/or guitar player something clear and recognisable – for example the middle piece in the "Chaos Protocol" or the intro to "Deus Alienus" – it seems menial and mundane; as if the group looks at the traditional instruments with condescending sarcasm, before sweeping them out of the table and beating them to death.

Critics have called Deiphagos music for "pointless". This I support, but not in the desire to express an absence of artistic vision; instead I have the impression that it is pointless is the focal point in the music. It is not the intention, that we should discuss which riff, we like the best from I, the Devil, or whether it is "Neuro-Satanic Circuit" or "Anti-Cosmic Trigger", who have the most gentagelsesværdige old tune. Deiphago seem to take their inspiration from Satan as the antithesis to all the cosmic order, and their music reflects this ethos at the same time that it rejects all others. The album ends of with a sample of the wording "I am the devil and I'm here to perform the devil's work".

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