I, The Mask - In Flames

Small combustible

Even if their new sound – which, after all, a few years old – perhaps deter old fans who refuse to accept that all must change or die, I would actually argue that In, The Mask could be an excellent gateway drug. It is melodic and user-friendly, popformularen fills the still very much, and they have written a lot of numbers that have radiopotentiale. Are you a beginner in the field of metal and just want to test the waters before you go out farther than to the navel, then this is a good place to start. For other, perhaps more pampered metalheads, this is not an album that is neither groundbreaking or innovative. They have found a template and stick to it, and whether it is good or bad, is up to you.

Burned child shuns the fire

In Flames have over a number of years first impressed me and since have disappointed me, and the notification of the previous plate Battles give expression to many of the same frustrations I have experienced with their musical development. It is difficult as the old fan to avoid comparing the individual albums, and there is the latest not goal with In Flames' previous releases. I will not be one of those nasty types, who frantically keeps stuck in the old days, where everything was better, and the stairs were easier to get up. But if you add his knowledge to the band from the look at In, The Mask with fresh eyes, it is a product you as an experienced musician can be aware?


First, it is extremely well-produced. It has been sanded, the sand, the polished, the polished and lacquered, so the finished product does not have one knot or scratch. Personality and content has been sacrificed for the benefit of maskinsnedkererede, easy-to-operate riffs, and Anders Fridéns distinctive vocals have gotten a lot of filters. The consequence is that his clean vocal, there's always been a bit raw, has been sexless and harmless. One can easily recognize the voice, but it feels as though there is a shot of botox in his vocal cords. But the praise must have: the voice goes well with the music. It is unmistakably In Flames, although vacuum-packed and pumped with additives. To listen to In Flames anno 2019 is like looking at a shop window in the month of december. Beautifully wrapped gifts in abundance, the glitters, shines and is the stuff dreams are made of – but as a wise man once said: "It is empty, you idiot!" We know it's good, but we buy still the illusion.

The drums lay a good bottom all the way through and is closely aligned with the other instruments. "I Am Above" are authentic, classic In Flames with a patosladet chorus, which stands in good contrast to the snarling vocals and the huggende riffs that carry the flagship forward over the calm waters. But "(This Is Our) House" is a flat feeling with zero passion, even though there is otherwise done a decent attempt from Fridéns to sound as if he believes it when he says he will fight for what he holds dear. It turns from the child to the overproduced and become the music taste of industriköttbullar. But the technique fails the not anything, and their solos testify that they are still warming themselves by metallens eternal flame.

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