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I Loved You At Your Darkest - Behemoth

BOO'emoth the Individual versus the Community

ILYAYD is not a bad release. Behemoth has not lost småkagerne, and those which before have been outraged and furious, will once again be outraged and furious, so the holy grail is well preserved. If you loved The Satanist, then you will, with reasonable likelihood, also love I Loved You at Your Darkest , and again, let me stress that it is not a bad release. But I can't help to sit and think that if Nergal had spent less time to speak to all media, had spent less time to Polish and burnish its image, and instead spent more time on the sanding and Polish the ILYAYD, so we could have been a pure masterpiece.


If you know the Behemoth, as do also their frontman, Adam Nergal Darski. He has never been sky or hiding away from the camera, on the contrary he has all the days stood in the front, when it came to defend and explain himself and his music. Though it may have been leukemia, the catholic church or the press, then Nergal always taken up the fight – and won. There is no doubt that he is a fighter and he will fight for his cause to the last extremity. But where is the border between the Behemoth and Nergal? When it's no longer about the band and the music? When is the only provocation for provokationens fault? The Behemoth raises, as always, a number of questions, but let us find out about their latest album, I Loved You at Your Darkest gives us some answers or just a new series of questions.


Behemoth has just ago 95 created controversy, and it is only getting wilder as the years have gone by. Just to burn bibles on stage, to constantly be on the edge with the Polish law. But the Behemoths fans are also split. Some believe that Nergal is a genius, and others think that he has sold completely out, and that they haven't been trve kvlt ago Grom from '96. Already since ILYAYD was published, the outbreak of war among the many Behemoth fans. "What's that for a title?", "Why is God a dog?!", "Nergal is a fool", etc. There were asked many questions about album number 11, and Nergal was also quick to explain that the album title is a Jesus-quote, which he has turned upside down, and the God/dog turned out to be a warped Not the Crowley quote. But why now Jesus-quotes? Nergal himself explained that when he and Behemoth can misuse of biblical quotes, so it is in fact the ultimate sign of blasphemy and heresy. And not only that, so is the fact that they have made 11 albums are also the same as to spit the christian church in the face, claiming he, as the figure 11 is an insult to the sacred number 10, which is a reference to The Ten Commandments. All this controversy is both the Behemoths gift, but also their curse. For people end up with only to relate to the band and mainly the prominent figurehead, and forget therefore totally the music. It does not, however, be a problem for the Behemoth gets a lot of attention and the mention of it, but what if they forget the music? Their previous album, The Satanist, was a tremendous success, and even people who are normally not into black metal, loved it - So to try to make a sequel to a such success, is never easy. Therefore, it also seems that they have not really tried. ILYAYD follows the same formula as The Satanist, and there is therefore almost no surprises to come after. You quickly get the feeling that you "just" sitting with The Satanist 2 or maybe even The Satanist Light. Take, for example, a number which "GOOD = DOG", where large parts of the track sounds pretty much like "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" or the number "Bartzabel", which could very well remind you of both "O Father O Satan O Sun" and "Ben Sahar". But what's worse is that the numbers on the ILYAYD also quickly reminds very much about each other, even so much, that you must listen to the album through many times to truly be able to distinguish most of the tracks from each other. The lack of diversity, who was on The Satanist such as the title track away, which most of all was the black-blues number, you could sing along with. However, there are still some rock solid numbers like "Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica" or "GOOD = DOG", but unfortunately there are also tracks like "Havohej Pantocrator", which I can't figure out why at all should with on the album, as it only has to pull the character down. Not because it is a bad number, it's just boring and doesn't matter, it is as if a car chase in an 80's action movie is interrupted by six minutes with pausefisk. In the same way as that nor is the use of an indifferent outro of two minutes.

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