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II - The Mephisto Waltzes - Devilment

Devilment welcomes you inside to a grotesque and captivating performance

From hyggeprojekt to the band

It is not doubt that it is Dani Filth, which stands in the front for this band, even though Dani was not even in mind, when the band was formed. Devilment was formed in 2001 by Daniel Finch, and Dani Filth was acquired as the lead singer, as one had difficulty to find a stable vocalist. It must certainly say, they solved, since Dani has never been on the slothful side, with constant koncertturnerer and several albums behind them with Cradle Of Filth. The first album The Great And Secret Show was a very passable album, but it showed not true which track, the band had intended to continue along, if at all, had intended to continue when the band, after Danis statement was meant more as a hyggeprojekt than a serious band.

Now the band is out with their second album II-The Mephisto Waltzes, and a lot has happened, both on the musical front, but also in bandtruppen, as there has acceded to the new members in the light of others ' resignation. In any case, is the finished product of the Devilments second album extremely positive.

Thunder, moonlight and kinddans with the devil

I have to mention, that I for ten years back was a big COF fan, but they have not been able to maintain my interest in the latest albums. Therefore, I have great respect for a man like Dani Filth, but his vocals have really not been particularly impressive the last couple of years, and it was, therefore, without great expectations, and with a touch of fear, that I sat to hear this album. If you, like me, have a little berøringsangst with Danis vocals, so it may be that he can gain your interest again, just like he is with this album has done with me. If you also had not made you the trouble to check the Devilment out, so is this album a really good place to start!

The first track "Judas Stein" starts out how about, as we had expected and totally foreseen, but after a minute's time start the number really to take shape. There is, of course, a part of the COF to track in his vocals, as it is the technique he has used and developed over his long career, but it is somewhat easier to digest. The pace of both the music and vocals are screwed two hundred times down in the pace in relation to the COF, and it is a liberating way to suddenly experience the Dani. This number is like the rest of the album, namely the catchy-as-fuck, but also incredibly dynamic and heavy. Who is hiding some incredibly heavy and cool riffs on this album, which, of course, has been in the hands of someone who really had a grip on the production. The whole album is completed, and you can clearly feel that there is added work and feeling in – it is not just made to be made.

They introduce at the same time, female vocals, and it works super well to the gothic and theatrical theme. Especially on the track "Under The Thunder" you sense truly the harmony between the two vocals, and they complement each other well. Once again I have to say that it is incredibly refreshing to find Dani unfold in this way, and he is without a doubt the completely right in front for this band. His singing british accent gets free games, and his artistic and strange stories in the form of his texts has never been clearer. He can almost sound completely suffering and unhappy sometimes, and it creates the perfect framework for the interpretation of the music. Female vocals, piano and gothic rock are not exactly innovative, but it comes really into its own with Devilment. The soundscape does not shy away much from the team and the catchy verse, but the pace will put a thank you up on the "Shine On Sophie Moone" which could easily be confused with the COF on a good day. There is plenty to dive into on this album, which, for example, Hitchcock-hyldesten "Hitchcock Blonde" and the melancholic duet of "Entangled In Our Pride".

I'm tempted to say 'welcome back'

There are many reasons why you ought to give it here album a chance, and override the prejudices you might have. It is a good album, with the only reservation is that it becomes a little too much gothic and mystery in the long run, but it is a trifle. Fat album and surprisingly positive reunion with a vocal I thought could regain its own strength. Devilment get eight gothic skulls for this captivating performance.

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