III: Trauma - Harakiri For The Sky

Great, but a little bit far in the saliva in the end

It is a good album and would recommend it strongly if you are into this genre, but it is an incredibly long journey, which is not able to maintain the magnificent moments the entire the long road through. It had almost been too much to ask, but how is it when one's creativity is given free play, and it does this with Harakiri For The Sky, as it were, the whole basis of the band's existence. But really good album, and a worthy successor to their previous album, which you can also give a listen if you like what you hear on this album. I give the creative duo 8 magnificent skulls III: Trauma.

Extravagant album from austrian wizards

Postblack metal at it's best

If you just as I, nor had heard of Harakiri For The Sky, but also like a good mixture of post and black metal, then this band is a must. The dynamic duo of JJ and MS, which also goes under the names of Michael V. Wahn and Matthias Sollak, formed together Harakiri For The Sky in their quest to explore their own creativity. They released their selvtitlede debut in 2012, which received an excellent reception, but they were only really made their name with their fabulous second album, Aokigahara. An album which received much praise, and established a distinguished fan base, as with the yearning have been looking forward to their third album, III: Trauma is more than a worthy successor.

It requires some of your time, but it is worth it all

It has been a long process to process the here album, since it in its full length lasts a good 75 minutes, but they are well spent. After several viewings I gave me in the roll of their previous albums, and I can't stress enough how interesting and amazing the here band in many ways. It all sounds so grand and mighty, so it's hard to believe that it's all created by two people. There is no doubt that the two accommodates a huge amount of creativity, and they manage to really convey the sumptuous show.

III: Trauma is a melodic collision of post-rock and black metal that really blasts the scale. The lyrics contain great quality and history and followed a fantastic up of some of the dynamic and atmospheric tones. The first track on the album "Calling the Rain" starts out with a quiet and harmonious place, piano and guitar. The whole thing oozes atmosphere, and it continues speeding along in the track approx. 12 minutes. The beautiful tones have the necessary edge, in the form of lead singer JJ's hoarse scream and roar. If this number is not already prisoners, so this is not a genre you have to think to move too much out in. But if you just have a little courage on post rock and black metal, you listen with joy again, and it gets you happy!

For after the long and stemningsskabende start, you move to the next number, which is one of the coolest tracks that I, the undersigned, have heard in a very long time. It is really a gem in the here genre. The track is called "Funeral Dreams" and is really a show of power and a devastating parade of brilliance. The number is not quickly and violently, but as the rest of their music, atmospheric and dynamic. It contains so much musical substance that it's almost too good to be true. It is an explosion of heavy melodies and fast dobbeltpedal, added amazing riffs and piano. Again JJ's vocals outstanding, together with the poetic, and partly the depressing lyrics. The whole forming the perfect environment for the right atmosphere. And that is enough to take of, if you can't get enough atmosphere and sublime guitar work, with songs like "Of" and "Bury Me", where the last mentioned take good care much for black metal elements.

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