Easy listening

The quality of the IV fails, as I said, nothing, and the record would be excellent as background music or warming up, but Sinbreed is missing something unique, which can make their music to a goal in itself. Powermetal gets tiring when it just becomes to even a dungeons and dragons level, which may be rewarding for the characters, but never becomes more than yet another iteration of a familiar story. So, if you are the type who can't get enough of good old-fashioned powermetal, finally delving into the IV. Otherwise, you do not miss something groundbreaking album.

Even a power plate to the collection

IV is the fourth album in the Sinbreeds discography, but may be awarded to an astronomical ordinal in the series of albums with the exact same sound. The recycled style is characterised by to be epic, melodic and packed with power chord. There are often added finproduceret beautiful song, the choir in omkvædene, warm harmonies and lyrics delivered directly from a arbitrarily fantasyunivers. Sinbreed writes 'it is powermetal, you know' in the most unadulterated incarnation of the concept. And Sinbreed seems to be proud to provide just this type of music, which also has characterized the three previous albums. There is a little personal edge in the music, but in addition, the sound is copied from the genre's icons. Iron Maiden have done it, Avantasia has done it, Hammerfall has done it and now will Sinbreed tell further of the story.

Authentic report, but it is heard before the

And Sinbreed get a quite authentic story pieced together. IV is a collection of unadulterated powermetal tracks filled with epic pictures and glorious melodies that let the listener escape far away from everyday hustle and bustle. Still missing something, and this is going to be the focus of this review, even though the IV is doing many right things. There are thousands of bands out there who can write engaging powermelodier, and therefore it becomes a number of other parameters that separate the really successful powerplader from the crowd of mediocre metal albums. Here may be mentioned a solid interaction, unique lyrikuniverser and especially vokalteknik.

Sinbreed has a good handle on the basics and also the strong, energetic interaction, but lacks both a vocal that comes out from the crowd and a theme that can separate them from the other powerbands. Although the band just got a new singer Nick Holleman for 12 years with Herbie Langhans, this is not changed. The voice is gone from Acceptance-inspired småforvrængede outbreak to a completely clean powervokal, that pulls the threads to the bl.a. Avantasia and Elvenkings vocals. But the vocals are still without a special personal touch, and this makes it hard for the band not to be second-rate in comparison to the aforementioned bands.

Like the song consists the lyrics of all the trivial powervendinger – you can almost see it in the song list. "Through The Fire" is the last number on the plate, but perhaps a later character be able to join the track list with a legitimately "And Flames". It would not change that the content contains approximately the same heltehistorier and fantasyudfordringer, as most of the powerbands, time and again, beating through. Though the music builds up to the epic journeys and action-packed duels on the authentic show, you are never quite convinced of the dream clout. Lacking a theme or universe, that can make them more than what you can find on the mediocre poweralbum.

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