Illuminati - God Dethroned

Two steps forward, one back

When I, a few years back, the sad, and to notify the band's previous album, I was very much in doubt as to whether it was a nine or a ten, I was sitting with. However, from the principle that "if you are in doubt, then it is not a tier", I chose to give the album a nine. It is still a decision, I'm here three years and an album later is in doubt, for the album grew and grew, as time went on, and still is, a masterpiece. With the Illuminati , however, I am not in doubt as to which character it should have, even though it is an excellent work, it lacks the one or the other! It's hard to say what. Maybe it's the lack of framework, maybe it's the variety, maybe it's something completely third. But whatever the case is, so have the Illuminati , unfortunately, some errors and omissions, which were not found on their previous album.

Illuminati Confirmed

It is small three years ago, Good Dethroned returned to the music with their 10. album The World Ablaze. The album ended their musical trilogy on the First world War, which they started with the album, Passiondale (Passchaendaele) from 2009. It was also an album I – personally – enjoyed very much and one of my favoritalbums from 2017. But now when the war is over, and the remains of mustard gas and krudtrøg has settled, the Dutch krigsministre returned to their original and more classic, theme – namely, the satanism, blasphemy and the occult, that is classic about than banal themes. And when you already have made albums with titles like The Christhunt, Bloody Blasphemy , and The Grand Grimoire, then you said his opinion very clearly, so why not go the more discreet way? And what could be more discreet than the most fabled of all secret fraternities, Illuminati?

Black Roots and Broken Halos

Illuminati reminds definitely more on the band's earlier discography, than on their First Verdenskrigstrilogi. The music is more "simple" and classic blackened death metal, than, for example, The World Ablaze was. There are fewer melodic passages and less magnificent solos, but more blastbeasts and – significantly – more tremoloriffs! There is also no longer an instrumental intronummer, nix – that's just great and støvletramp directly in your heretic face, while Henri yells at you, as only he can. There is, however, a few detours, where the tempo gets screwed them down, and the tunes being screwed tremendously up to a point where it almost goes Satriani in the solos. It happens, for example, on the album's third track "Book of Lies", which acts as a breath of fresh air between the two heavier songs, "the Broken Halo" and "Spirit of Beelzebub". Despite the band's return to their black and rotten roots, so they still retained the individual magnificent and epic elements.

But the key pillar of most of the nine tracks are, however, still traditional blackened death without the bullshit and fuss or frills. And when you now also mastered the genre so excellent, as Henri & Co., why should one also do the other? Yes, it is a good question, I think immediately the answer must be "variation". For it is, unfortunately, not an album, where you can use flosklen "all killer; no filler". A tune like "Satan Spawn" fx could well be omitted, as it is most of all just feels like a light version of the number that comes just before – however, added an incredibly amusing introbrøl. And why intermezzonummeret "Dominus Muscarum" was not dropped or clipped together with the album's closing "Blood Moon Eclipse", understand I simply can not. But it is still a strong and solid album, which – like its predecessor – linking the heavy and brutal music with beautiful melodies and grandiose solos, without it becoming too much.

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