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Imaginaerum (The Score) - Nightwish

You will have the metal you will be disappointed. You will have a film, then it will be your best purchase in a long time

Nightwish, one of Finland's most successful bands, was formed in 1996 by pianist Tuomas, guitarist, Symphonic, and former lead singer Tarja Tunuren. They were quickly a success in the home country, and the first intertional success later, especially after their album Dark Passion Play. But in this case their latest album, Imagenaerum the most interesting, for it is there made a movie of the same name, and Imagenaerum (The Score) is the soundtrack thereto. It will say that there is a soundtrack and not a real metal albums, but it does not, however, on how well-executed it is.

The album starts out with "Find Your Story", which contains parts of "Taikatalvi". Although both parts are the most symphonic, so I would think that The Scores version almost surpasses the original. It is more epic and catchy, but still true to the original. The next is "Orphanage Airlines", which contains parts of "Storytime". Here you'll hear parts of the forsangerens voice from the chorus in the orginalen, and it works super well! However, it is the only place you hear it, but parts of the album are to be found everywhere. It is managed really well for the composer, and it continues. When we when over to the "Dare to Enter" and "Heart Lying Still" however it becomes more quiet and atmospheric. It is, however, under no circumstances, in addition to the quality, and it is at least as well done as the rest of the album. At the "Heart Lying Still", we encounter again the items from the "Taikatalvi," which is mixed with the piano. It is probably the most aesthetic track on the album.

Imagenaerum (The Score) is not a metal albums. It is a film, which is to say that my soundtrack-loving part comes here. It also makes it not really relevant to metalbehavior.coms readers, besides the ones that are hardcore Nightwishfans, those who have respect for classical music and those who have a love for soundtracks. In spite of it, so is the music completely through well-executed, atmospheric, and touching. And to such an extent that it gets eight out of ten skulls from here.

This video contains some samples from the soundtrack, so there is little of it all.

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