In Our Wake - Atreyu

Convincing departure

I'm surprised how well it is managed Atreyu to make stilskiftet from the classic metalcore sound to a sound and well-functioning hardrock sound. They have not left their strengths, but taken them with and use metalcorebaggrunden to spice up the music, where it otherwise had been too trivial. The conclusion of the explosive "Anger Left Behind" and the experimental "Super Hero" (where Avenged Sevenfolds M. Shadows, incidentally, sings featured vocals). Do you manage the addition of these two elements, energy and the experiments, is, in my opinion, well on the way to a successful and exciting hardrock-album. It is precisely what Atreyu has done so without compromising their own sound, and therefore, no less than nine skulls allowed to hang in the top of the notification.

Out in the cold

Atreyu is a band that moves back and forth between the classic metalcore (a la As I Lay Dying or Killswitch Engage) and hard rock (a la Breaking Benjamin and A Day to Remember). They have been with from the very beginning of the wave in the sluthalvfemserne alongside bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine. The band's career peakede in 2007 with the album Lead Sails Paper Anchor, which was number eight on the u.s. Billboard 200, but at the same time, started a nedkonjunktur for the band. In 2009 they released Congregation of the Damned, which had a mixed reception by the listeners. This has probably been instrumental to the band's subsequent four year long hiatus, which ended with the release of Long Live, which the band visit their metalcore roots. The plate, however, was only a comeback for the avid fans and was more a vague echo of their prime than the beginning of something new. A new beginning we get now, however, with the current album In Our Wake, who has revised the writing and honed the old bands sound and might be the album that really pulls Atreyu back in the heat again.

New sound, new energy, new opportunities

It is rare that metal bands can move closer to the mainstreammusikken and come so strong out of it, as Atreyu does with the In Our Wake. The shift is clear already from the title track "In Our Wake", and it continues to dominate the album, all the way to the smÄproggede the ballad of the "Super Hero" rounds it of. The chorus in the first song clarifies sangskrivningens changed the focus with the simple but powerful lines that end in an echo of the title in the growing high vokaltoner. Vocalist Alex Varkatzas shows that he has sangtalentet to borrow from these vokalteknikker, without it being a cheap kopiteknik. You are surprised over the band's sudden energy, and the amazing synergy of the new sound, more than it disappointed over the lack of turboriffs and breakdowns.

The second track on the new album is also the album's low point in relation to interesting songwriting. Here the music becomes a little too trivial, and you are just about to wake up from the spells, the first number creates. Fortunately they are delivered phenomenal "Time Is Now" and "Nothing Will Ever Change" subsequent and regains momentum. We will get both dramatic builds, choral and aggressive growls, and the use of the proper functioning of the metronomeffekt as a symbol of time puts the icing on the cake. The writing is still simple, but Atreyus own stamp on the hard rock, the music is clear again and do the two numbers any more interesting to listen to. The energy continues into "Blind Deaf & Dumb", there is even experimenting with a rap-vocals in the verse with an excellent result. Now is the arms so high that they are difficult to get down again.

Although the five subsequent numbers come dangerously close to bands like Linkin Park, or the Asking Alexandria's territories, manages the Californian band to put their own personal stamp on the songs. Several of the songs really stuck in the head and is at the same time strong enough to be more gennemlytninger worthy. Especially the "Paper Castle" have the masonry in order with its complete songwriting, which both include high-energy and catchy melodies.

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