In Splendor Below - October Tide

What you don't know, it has not hurt of

In Splendor Below is quite a capable plate. It is well played melodic death/doom, and as such there is not a finger to put on it. Despite the fact that October Time does really very in order to get the record to sound like themselves, unfortunately we can't ignore the many similarities with Swallow the Sun's material. This will mean that they now also can serve as a self-help group for former members of Swallow the Sun, is not to say. But as long as they continue to publish the sheets of a very fine quality, then there is probably no one who cares about it.


Help to self-help in twenty years

Originally started as a side project of Katatonias vocalist Jonas Renkse and then-Katatoniaguitarist Fred Norman in 1995. But after the dissolution in 1999, and the later reunification in 2009, the central figure in the band has been guitarist Fred Norman. Later his brother Mattias Norman, who also is a former Katatoniamedlem, come up with in the band. So you may wonder, about October Time exclusively function as a form of self-help group for former Katatoniamedlemmer. In such a case, it is a quite productive self-help group, when they throw an album on the street approximately every three years.

Magnificence is actually below the surface

In Splendor Below marks the October Tides, the fourth album since reuniting in 2009, and sixth overall. The style is not tampered with: it is still the melodic death/doom, the band do themselves in. In relation to the Winged Waltz has the guitars on In Splendor Below got a little more room to romp on, which makes that the plate takes on a more melancholic mood. Immediately gives the music an extra layer, and it fits perfectly into the style, but at the same time get it In Splendor Below to sound very much like their genrefæller – Finnish Swallow the Sun. Not that there is anything wrong in letting itself be inspired by other bands, but the line between inspiration and plagiarism seems at times a bit thin. As you hear the record through, starts the distance between the two bands, however, become larger and larger, since October Time never gives up on who they are. The vocals leave rarely pure dødsmetalspektrum, and when it does, it is either for the benefit of a slightly lighter register or to add a tad of desperation.

In spite of it is doomen and the melancholy tones that fill most of the soundscape, one should, however, not be afraid that the band forget dødsmetallen. This ensures namely all the time to drive the tracks forward. At no time given a number allowed to sit too long in the corner and feel sorry for themselves, and there are tentative signs of this, it gets stuck a the flat of a guitar riff, and asked to move on. Tracks such as "We Died in October", "Our Famine" and "Seconds" would have been deadly slow numbers to get through, if dødsmetallen was pulled out of them. But instead contributes the excellent, to the overall expression.

In spite of this manages October Time with In Splendor Below , however, never quite getting lytterer to forget which band they borrow a lot from. Swallow the Sun stands still and lurking in the wings and points out that they were the first with this sound. But then, one can discuss whether a band can own a particular sound. It will probably will think, but I have not yet heard any people complain about the spread of the sound from the HM-2 pedal on the Entombeds Left Hand Path. So the court to take a bold sound and disseminate it must apply to all genres, whether it be death, doom, or both.

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