Incarnate - Killswitch Engage

Homecoming King

If you love Alive Or Just Breathing.. (which I do) and can keep up with to be mega nostalgic (which I am), so have a Killswitch at least as many years in front of him, who is gone since they first made themselves noticed with their melodic and catchy songs. It may well be that it is not the first album with Jesse since he came back into the fold, but it's the album he deserved to come back, here it is Jesses homecoming.

Expertly metalcore anno 2016

Welcome home

Even though Jesse has been back a couple of years now, after Howard resigned, is the first in the Incarnate you really can hear the prodigal son is returned home. For even though he has had his daily walk in the Killswitch in 10 years, it sounds as if he has never been away. Don't get me wrong, Howard Jones was an eminent substitute for the original lead singer, but as with so many other bands that have experienced substitutions on vokalfronten, fans will always be in camp x or camp y. And I confess me to camp Jesse. For even though Howard did a great job, so you may well feel that the whole thing was a little too sweet with him in front of a already sensitive to the metal.

There may well be sung with the

It is a more adult Killswitch Engage, we are dealing with here. They are experimenting a bit with different genres, without it removes the focus from their favorite. Tracks such as "It Falls On Me," where Jesse at the nearest sing a duet with itself, reminiscent of the good old "Alive Or just Breathing" days and "Reignite" made me stop and think, "excuse me, but is the drop f they play in??" Furthermore, I get the Lamb of god associations in the song "Triumph Through Tragedy", which also offers a little b√łllekorshoppeborgsmetalcore a la Hatebreed. But where Hatebreed is more simple structured and still sound as they always have done, KSE managed to stay true to his own sound without having to run in the same groove, something not many bands can find out. In fact, it seems that all the little tidbits around on the plate, all inspired by different bands (see if you can find out which number that reeks of Depeche Mode), is to give them a depth in the music that makes the avoid being put too much in the crib.
For even though their metalcore in between can occur to me a little too skabelonskåren, as was the case with their previous release, Incarnate more to offer than Disarm the Descent - but otherwise the sounds they are truly as an updated version of itself and it draws ONLY up. Tekstuniverset is still in the be-strong-and-believe-against-you-even the style, but no one goes unchanged through life and it can also be felt in the writing. It is said that the older you get, the more indifferent you become. It seems now I do not I sense here, for both words and song are acutely intense and even though it gets a little mundane from time to time and they fall into the heart-rhymes-on-the pain of the trap, so you can disregard it, for it is fuckin' a fat album. It is well-produced, well-written and well-acted, and I'm hard happy with their more aggressive numbers, which breaks it a little for the sensitive atmosphere that may be too much in the musical landscape.

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