Incoming Death - Asphyx

A successful revitalization of the death

With" Incomming Death underlines the Asphyx, that it makes sense to listen to a whole album. If you only listen to one song here and there, going to miss Asphyxs many facets and the death-spans they are doing in the course of an album.

Seen in relation to the former, it must be noted that it is an Asphyx album, which do not differ very much from their other releases. But it does not matter - for it is simply just good music, they are doing.

The Dutch dødsmaskine running undeterred in spite of so many changes in personnel that no one will soon remember who started it.

3 x death

In 2007, Asphyx restored and released the strong album Death...The Brutal Way. Asphyx was active in the early death metal years, where especially the first two albums were really good. After a (to put it mildly unstable decade of great replacement in the line-up the band went into the resolution in 2000. The restore was catalyzed by the lead singer from the first two albums, Martin van Drunen. In 2012 continued Asphyx 2.0 their successful revitalization with the release Deathhammer, a phenomenally good album. Their death-streak now continues with the third shot; Incomming Death.

Latest addition of the long list of people who have played in Asphyx, Stefan "Husky" Hüskens, who takes the square behind the drums. This takes the place of the only original member and musical red thread, Bob Bagchus. Therefore, it has been with excitement, we have been waiting to listen for Incomming Death - can Asphyx continue to function without Bagchus?

A death with the depth of

Fortunately, holding the Asphyx the high level as on the two previous albums. At first the cutting is no doubt that it's an Asphyx album, you're listening to. Asphyx without Bagchus is still the classic Asphyx-the mixture of death and doom. And it just works really well - also on this album.

Asphyxs approach to death metal is an approach characterised by great variation. Both the faster, almost grindende death is to find, the groovende midttempo and the slow gloomy dødsdoom. And it is precisely this that is the band's strength and overall musical contribution – not speed and complexity, but a musical and genremæssig dynamics. Listen to the guitar in the "Grand Denial". I get the same feeling of epic nihilism, which I get when I listen to Behemoths The Satanist. There is a large genre range from, for example, the album's first track "Candiru". However, all together under the premise: Death metal and not so much pis!

Asphyx manages to sustain the listener through interaction and through a (for the genre) relative lyttervenlig experience. In the Asphyx, you will experience a more clear sangstruktur and more melodic fastholdepunkter than in much else death metal. It is one of the strong contributions from the doom-metallen in Asphyx. It creates a more navigérbar death metal.

The production on the album reinforces the availability. Not in the sense that the album appears plastic-polished, but that you can separate the different instruments, and it doesn't sound as if the album was recorded on a 100-kroner tape recorder from Toys "R" Us.

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