Innocence - Heidi

A band to keep an eye on

I'm sold. I really like the Innocence. I really think it is an excellent experience and I will definitely recommend to keep an eye on the band, I am impressed by the experience I've got. Clearly there is a good future for VEINS, and I hope that they come out and get played some concerts and coming out with more albums, I see it here as a candidate for this year's debut album. Especially if you simultaneously use three seconds to put themselves into what they are actually singing about. In this respect, I end up on the the whole nine skulls. Welcome to the Italian metal of the best drawer.

Italian band welcome to an angry world

VEINS are a metal band from Italy, which seems to be churning out one band after the other in the moment. This time, there is talk about a thrash - and death metal band, assembled in Rome by Riccardo Piazza on drums and Francesco De Canio on the vocals and rhythmic guitar. Innocence is the first disc from a band that uses music to tell and interpret of the youth's struggle for life and an uncertain future in the Middle east.

Thrash metal 101

Let's start with to make one thing clear: This is a great disc. From the start beats the four men fixed, this is going to be a phenomenal journey into the world, we know from the thrash metal . There are speed over the field, and you can through the whole album really feel the anger and frustration, as the drums try to create for the listener.

With bands such as Kreator, Metallica and Ministry as a role model manage VEINS to use the heritage and interprets life's trials and tribulations in their own way. Especially in the "Dying" you can feel how the sound comes to its full right, and not just a backdrop for a formidable voice in Francesco. It ends, however, not here. Or actually starts it is not at all there. From the very beginning with "Animula Vagula Blandula" make the an introduction to the what, it is, the listener will be exposed to. A sound of another world, precisely as the drums start to throw us out.

By a bands first album, because you often have, that the production did not fit with the music. Not here. Right from the start you can feel that the sound is spot on, the music fits where it should. The cut to the next number is made right where it should, and the transitions are razor sharp. In general, the composition of the album. Its course is excellent and has an ending on a journey of some tough issues, where the music brings into a down at a level where you can take out in life with a good feeling.

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