Into the Void - Secret Discovery

Good background music, but nothing miracle

All in all lends Into The Void itself perfectly as a soundtrack to a relaxed afternoon, but brings nothing new or unique with him. A beautiful production that elevates the band above so many other new powergrupper, but nothing musical miracle. Can definitely recommended for fans of melodic metal, but not a plate you should be afraid to miss. Therefore, the ends of the plate just below the top of the scale on 6/10 skulls.

Classic Swedish powermetal

Veonity place in the long line of Swedish powermetal bands with their first two albums. It is the classic lineup with melodic vocals, long power chord on the guitars and solid rhythm from the drums and bass. The sound can be described as a mix of Dragonforce and Blind Guardian. The theme is science fiction-influenced, and the melodies fall right where you expect they should be. A band located right in the heart of powergenren and currently with the followup to their debut, Into The Void.

A reclining travel to outer space

Have you heard Veonitys debut, you screw well up to expectations. The production on Into The Void is a sequel in the classic sense, but certainly also a lift. The level is raised significantly. The sound is much cleaner, and the writing is tight. The style is the same, relaxed and letlyttelige earpleaser-style. We get some stories from the classic poweruniverser, and they provide the epic atmosphere. Where were the ancient heroes on the Gladiator's Speech, we have now taken on the mission through the solstorme to distant galaxies. With soft melodies and klichéprægede, Hollywood-style narratives guides the listener quietly through action and adventure.

Veonitys challenge thus becomes, like so many other powerbands, to stand out from the crowd and show us why it is their journey, we must follow. It would be a shame to say that Into The Void brings something new to the genre and the music. Nevertheless, it is not completely hopeless for the band, for their stilrenhed and pleasant sound makes, to music on the album is lifted up above the many mediocre bid on poweralbums coming out of Scandinavia for the time being. So if you already have heard the tired in Avantasia, Hammerfall, and Dragonforce, Veonity a quite serious offer to the next level for the experienced powerlytter. Have you not the courage at the whole package, you can settle with the popular tracks "When Humanity Is Gone" and "Warriors Of Time" and get a good impression of how the remaining ten tracks sounds. Stylish, but småkedeligt in length.

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