Ir - Orm

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"

Both of the songs on this album are personal stories about loss and grief, but they are at the same time firmly anchored in the nature of bornholm and the island's special, old tales. Even though the music is so alluring, to Ir how to set be able to trade on the stock prices or andengradsligninger, without that it did anything, provides the themes and their grounding in something concrete and physical the work an extra dimension. The quotation in the heading to this section shall be often Frank Zappa, but there are also other possible candidates. Regardless of who is behind the I have in my time as a metal critic never been more struck by the difficulty of writing about music than with this absolutely amazing album from the Worm. For bornholmerne have with Ir committed a work that is so great, so insistent and so on all the way successful, that it is useless to provide just fairly justice in writing. Ir is unparalleled in the Danish metal the last many years, and the number of skulls itself.

A long-awaited sequel

As a slangehug struck bornholm in the Worm in the 2017 through on the Danish black-scene with their awesome debut album. The debut was followed up with lots of concerts in Denmark, among other things, on a tour with Solbrud and, not least, as a part of a solid line-up of's The Night Of The Black Attack 2.0 in Albertslund. The Ir has, therefore, been anticipated with great excitement at black people, and now it's finally here.

No severe dry here

Already on the debut were the people behind the Worm quite ambitious. Long, changeable songs, women's choir, kirkeorgel and much else was mixed with fierce blastbeats, tremolo riffs and screaming vocals from sortmetallens introduction to the language. But let us just reveal the same to the Ir in many ways, get her to appear simple and straightforward. The follow-up consists of just two intersections: "the Harvest Bright Hall" in 23 minutes, and "Wear the Sun Out", which hardly lasts a minute longer. Both numbers are at once epic, ever-changing and gripping. The length of the songs, each of which, and not completely random a perfect fit for the a-side vinyl is a testimony of a tårnhøjt level of ambition, but also of a band bursting with self-confidence and good ideas.

It is in the first place is not easy to put a label on the Ir. The starting point and the substance is still black metal, performed with authority that few bands possess, but the album has so much to offer, not even a piece with a solo trumpet appears unnatural. In fact, is precisely the sequence of "the Harvest of the Bright Hall" one of the album's highlights: A quiet passage with the clean guitar is complemented with a beautiful melody performed at the aforementioned trumpet, and you feel immediately attributed to a Ennio Morricone soundtrack. The trumpet is replaced by a heavily distorted bass that repeats the same beautiful theme. Soon to become the bass replaced by a single one then two solo-guitars, who continue the song. It is so breathtaking and brilliantly executed that you hardly believe his own ears.

And so on to highlight both songs on Ir, but further analysis it almost feels like revealing too much of the plot in a movie. So instead of dissecting the Ir further, let me just find that it is rare that you experience the songs of over 20 minutes duration, where you are actually sad, that they end. The transitions between the different parts sitting every time in the locker, the production is top notch, and even the monotonous/meditative passages never feels neither redundant or drawn out. Here are no lengthy solos, or other fun features, such as progressive bands often due to, and it makes Ir even more impressive.

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