Iron Times - Vader

Better luck next time

"So why only a 7?", sitting there enough no and think. First and foremost, it is a mystery to me how you can justify releasing a four track EP and then let one of them be a cover/tribute number. Yes, yes, to be maintained, it is a Motörhead number, but it nevertheless constituted a quarter of the release. A slightly more hectic version of "Overkill", they get away, but couldn't they have saved it for their next fuldlængdeskive? And so, I would venture to say, I hope not, the here, betting the release put the style for their upcoming album, which stands to have the release to november. While it sounds good, it is actually a little boring. The previous years in Germany An Igni had far more personality, so I hope damn well it is not a notice, it here...

I will ask for Vader to 200, thank you

Vader has existed for a number of years and has inspired a myriad of bands, but who the hell can you credit for having inspired THEM? If you ever have been in doubt, so that can't be it anymore, after the Iron Times.

What is the name of circular saw in Polish?

My very first thought, when I press play, it sounds like Red Warszawa. It was quite quickly over, for the purpose of the Iron Times is not quite the same as with the aforementioned artists ' music. These boys are deeply serious, and it felt – after the initial comparison has evaporated. For there is a stone on from almost the outset, and the first cutting with the title "Parabellum" is fast paced and sets the standard for the remaining three numbers. The solo sits right in the eye, and I applaud their decision to keep the numbers short - the first two are just barely 2 min. and 30 sec. – there is no reason to use more riffs than necessary to get the message through.

"Praying to The god Of War" is also straight on and hard, simple but classic building. We will be treated to plenty of dukka-dukka and even a razor-sharp solo that cutter on the cape with Piotr Wiwczareks rusty vocals that sounds as if it has marinated in a pickle of hate and booze, and evocative of Petrov from Entombed A. D. "Piesc Of the Stal" is the EP's third and last original number. It is a bit slower and therefore longer. But it also means, they give themselves more time to nørkle a bit with the excellent guitar work that ties into the well 15 minutes long EP together.

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